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 New aquaculture study highlights opportunities for

9/14/2004 - Feeding the Growth in Aquaculture to 2015: The Scope for NovelNutritional Products is the first comprehensive study to link the growthin fish production and demand to global and regional opportunities forformulated feed, vegetable proteins, vegetable oils and feed additives inthe aquafeed industry.

The study addresses the looming shortage of marine products for aquafeedby forecasting the demand until 2015 for a very large number of vegetableproteins and oils that could substitute for fishmeal and fish oil. Thestudy proposes alternative solutions to the shortfall through investmentin new technologies to supply high value omega-3 oils and proteinproducts.

The current market value of feed additives, such as amino acids,antioxidants, betaine, binders, carnitine, colourants, enzymes, feedattractants, lipid derivatives, nutraceutical fish health products andvitamins, is already over $750 million. By 2015, LMC forecasts that theirvalue will double to $1.5 billion. Significant feed additive market trendshighlighted in the study include:

* Crystalline amino acids and betaine are the largest volume categories,with shipments of over 26,000 and 19,000 tonnes, respectively, growing to47,000 and 39,000 tonnes by 2015.

* Vitamins are the highest value sector, with almost $500 million of salesin aquaculture, led by the carotenoid colourants subgroup. Sales areexpected to exceed $950 million by 2015.

* Nutraceutical health products, including b-glucans and nucleotides, showstrong growth globally as a result of Europeís ban on growth promotingantibiotics in feed.

This unique study is one of the largest original research projectsundertaken that focuses on commercial aquaculture issues, and will serveas an invaluable business decision-making tool for every sector of theaquaculture industry

Those subscribing during the initial period of the studyís launch up to 15October 2004, will be entitled to the charter fee of Ä15,000 rather thanthe standard fee of Ä22,500 listed in the brochure.

For subscription information, call +44-1865-791737 or emailanalysis@lmc.co.uk. In North America, call +1-212-586-2427 or emailanalysis@lmc-ny.com.

Contact lead researchers for further information or to arrange a briefing:

- UK: Dr James Fry, jfry@lmc.co.uk, +44-1865-791737;

- Nigel Peacock, nigelpeacock@napfisheries.fsnet.co.uk, +44-1225-743225

- USA: Dr Willa Finley, wfinley@swbell.net, +1-806-698-8557

About LMC: LMC is an independent economic and business consultancy servinga range of industries related to agricultural commodities, foods,aquaculture, raw materials and their end-markets. Founded in 1980, itprovides economic, marketing and planning services for industryparticipants around the world. Its headquarters are in Oxford, England;its office in New York serves the USA, Canada and Mexico.

About Napfisheries: Napfisheries is an aquaculture consultancy that wasco-author of the study and provided expertise gained through 25 years ofexperience in advising the aquaculture industry on marketing, investmentand development strategies

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