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26 September 2000(Business Times) - CANOLA oil is one of the earliestexamples of a food product modified to enhance its nutritional value.Canola, a low erucic acid rapeseed oil, was developed because ofnutritional concerns with the fatty acid, erucic acid. Today, canola oilis said to be one of the healthiest oils available because of thecombination of its low saturated and high monounsaturated fatty acidprofile as well as its unique level of the Omega-3 fatty acid,alpha-linolenic acid. The oil comes from the seeds harvested from thecanola plant. The cool climes of western Canada are most suitable for thecultivation of canola plants which produce bunches of yellow flowers thatdrop to reveal green pods that ripen and turn brown. Inside the pods aretiny round seeds from which the oil is extracted. The seeds are rolled orflaked to make it easier to extract the oil. The oil is then processedinto salad oils, margarines, and shortenings. Canola oil is favoured foruse as a cooking oil because it is light, clear and does not have adistinctive flavour. The oil is excellent for cooking! It doesn't transferfood flavours in fondues or deep fryers (strain oil before re-using). Ithas a high smoke point (temperature at which fat begins to break down andemit smoke), making it most suitable for deepfrying and it drains morethoroughly than melted shortening. You can use it in salads as it does notsolidify even when refrigerated and won't separate from other saladdressing ingredients. In fact, it helps to better blend dressingingredients. It's great for baking as you can lower the saturated fatcontent in your baking by replacing other fats with canola oil or by usingit to grease cake pans and cookie sheets.In Malaysia, canola oil is sold under the brand name Mazolar CanolaCooking Oil which is:* High in monunsaturated fatty acids which help reduce cholesterol levels.* A good source of tocopherol (otherwise known as Vitamin E) which acts asa natural anti-oxidant* Contains Omega-3, the anti-thrombotic agent that helps in reduction ofblood clots.* Good source of beneficial dietary energy* Does not solidify even when refrigerated

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Tips when using canola oil* Fry vegetable foods like potato chips while they are still frozen.Experiments have shown that this will limit the amount of fat absorbed.* Strain oil through paper towels for re-use.* Maintain a frying temperature of 375 degrees F (190 degrees C).* Keep your canola oil in the fridge or in a cool, dark place when you arenot using it. Light and heat speed up the degeneration process in oils,causing rancidity or undesirable odours and flavours. Oil may become thickand cloudy when refrigerated but don't worry as it will return to itsoriginal state at room temperatures.* Use canola oil in recipes which call for melted hard fats like butter,lard or brick margarine. Substituting canola oil does modify texture,usually making food softer and more moist.* To substitute canola oil for melted hard fat: reduce the amount of oilby 20 per cent if the recipe calls for over 1/4 cup (50ml) of solid fat.- from Canola Council of Canada

HOT & SPICY STIR-FRY VEGETABLESIngredients:2 tbsp Knorr* All Purpose Stir-Fry Sauce (Hot and Spicy)200 gms chicken fillet3 tbsp Mazola* Canola Cooking Oil150 gms vegetables (mix cauliflower, carrot, snow peas and mushrooms)Method:1. Heat oil in wok and add chicken fillet. Fry for 2 minutes.2. Add mixed vegetables and stirfry 1 minute. Add Knorrr All PurposeStir-Fry Sauce and stirfry until cooked.3. Serve with rice.

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