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 Sunflower briefs: Warm temps, rain improve crop

USA, 8/8/2001(Soyatech)

CROP CONDITIONS:Warm temperatures and abundant moisture in many areas improved thesunflower crop conditions across the country. The greatest improvementoccurred in South Dakota where rainfall in the central part of the stateimproved crop conditions. Kansas conditions deteriorated because ofextremely hot and dry conditions, especially in the central part of thestate. The following is a summary according to the USDA Crop and WeatherReports as of July 29, 2001.

SOIL MOISTURE:Soil moisture conditions improved considerably in central South Dakota andparts of western Kansas. Surplus moisture is a concern in parts of NorthDakota. Most of the sunflower production areas in the northern stateswould be best served if no further rainfall occurred in six weeks.

MARKETS:The overall weakness in the soy complex and weak world oil prices thatpressured US oil values so far this marketing year has ended. NorthernHemisphere crop conditions and the weather have been on the front burnerand have made the market very volatile the past few weeks. Production ofhigh oil content seeds such as sunflower and canola are expected todeclineworldwide. This will result in lower world oil stocks and markets areadjusting to a tighter supply/demand balance for world vegetable oil. Themarket will continue to focus on weather in the next few weeks. Rainreceived this week in the soybean production region pressured the marketalong with forecasts calling for cooler temperatures.

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