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 U.S. Sunflower Briefs: Crop doing well, Pringles p

U.S. Sunflower Briefs: Crop doing well, Pringles praises NuSun oilUSA, 7/16/2001(Soyatech)CROP CONDITIONS: Soil moisture is becoming a common topic in many areas ofthe sunflower producing region. Parts of Kansas and Colorado haveexperienced exceptionally hot temperatures requiring a high water use. Thesunflower crop is generally making good progress with the warmtemperatures and plant stage varies from emergence to bloom. Pest problemsare minimal at this time. The Thistle caterpillar can be found in somesunflower fields and treatment is advised when defoliation reaches 25percent. Stem weevils are abundant in parts of the High Plains.

PRINGLES REPORTS ON NuSUN: One year ago, Procter & Gamble (P&G) announcedthat it was using NuSun sunflower oil in the production of its Pringlesline of potato chips. This provided a huge boost to NSA's fledgling NuSunproject. This week NuSun got a positive endorsement from the company in afirst year user's report from P&G representatives at the annual summermeeting of the NSA. NuSun has been meeting or exceeding the technicalfactors that are required for frying, shelf life and taste performance ofPringles. Efforts to increase oleic levels to 60 to 65% continue to be apriority for the company and the NSA. Approximately 40% of this year'soil-type sunflower acres are NuSun and hybrid improvements are expected toincrease the oleic level in this year's crop.

MARKETS: Sunflower prices were sharply higher this week with help from theChicago soybean oil futures market. Sunflower prices increased 45 centsalone on Thursday with market concerns about dry and hot weather in thesoybean production belt. Other supportive factors include stronger palmoil prices in SE Asia. It is expected that palm oil stocks will decline asproduction in Malaysia enters a 'slow down' phase in monthly yields.Sunflower oil exports continue to be positive with 10,100 MT reportedexported in the last reported week. The majority of that total went toTurkey.

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