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 Thai King applies for palm oil patent

Thai King applies for palm oil patent

King Bhumibol: Also seen as a gifted composerFriday, 4 May, 2001, (BBC NEWS) - Thailand's revered King BhumibolAdulyadej has applied for a patent for the use of palm oil as a cheapalternative fuel for diesel engines, officials said on Friday.The formula would help to cut pollution and save on oil imports, theysaid."This will be a great help for the country," said Santi Rattanasuwan,deputy director-general of Thailand's intellectual property department."The concept of using palm oil as engine fuel is not new. Many people havetalked about it, tested it and failed."But the king's formula, which he tested and proved himself, works wellwith the engine."The king has reportedly found that a special mixture of palm and dieseloil can be used in diesel engines without the need for modifications or afilter.Much loved monarchIndustry Minister Suriya Jungrungreangkit said the ministry would ask thestate-run Petroleum Authority of Thailand to help produce the palm oilformula fuel so it can be sold in Thailand at low cost.King Bhumibol, 73, is accorded God-like status among his people. He is thecountry's longest living monarch and the world's longest reigning livingmonarch, having come to the throne 55 years ago.He has been revered as the one constant in Thai life during successivepolitical and economic crises.As well as working on his palm oil formula, the King is fluent in threeEuropean languages, is considered a gifted composer, particularly of jazz,and is a keen photographer and painter.The reverence accorded to the Thai royal family was evident last year whencensors banned a Hollywood remake of the classic film, The King and I,saying it was historically inaccurate and an insult to the monarchy.Anna and the King, which starred Jodie Foster, told the story of anEnglish governess in the 19th century court of King Rama IV.

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