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 "Biofuels Investment & Trade -- Risks & Opportunities" to be Held in Malaysia

19/6/06 (Soyatech.com)  -  Driven by high conventional fuel prices and more strigent global fuel specs, key Asean countries - with India and China - are gearing up with incentives for biofuels investments. In Malaysia, there are plans to build 12 biodiesel plants with the first to be ready in 2007. Hence, understanding key operational and investment factors are crucial to ensure profitability. How should investors manage and take advantage of feedstock, supply chain and logistics to mitigate their investment risks?

On the other hand, markets such as the Philippines and Brazil have successfully implemented biofuels program and are looking towards further expansions. What is their formula for overcoming resistance and ensuring consumer acceptance? Can these lessons be applied to other markets?

Although conventional fuel prices are likely to remain high, refineries are also increasing clean fuel production worldwide. What are the dynamics that are driving conventional fuel prices? How will these dynamics impact on biofuels prices and investment in the long term? With the prevalence of Kyoto Protocol, CDM is lending itself as a financial tool for biofuels investments. How can investors benefit from carbon credit trading? More importantly, what are the legal issues to be included in CDM deals? What are some of the other finance tools available?

To answer these burning issues, CMT, supported by Frost & Sullivan is proud to present to help investors, players and supporting companies to capitalise on biofuels investments. Issues to be examined:

* Global market analysis on biodiesel and bioethanol

* Plantation & non-plantation ownersà perspectives on
biofuels investments

* Raw material issues and management

* CDM as a financial tool and the legal concerns

* Focus

- Malaysia: Incentives & ports infrastructure to support

- Thailand: Increase ethanol imports for gasohol

- The Philippines: Implementing a bioethanol and
coco-biodiesel programme

- India: Jatropha Curcas as feedstock

- Brazil: Successful bioethanol-fueled cars

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