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 Oils, fats producers told to join forces to save costs

23/3/07 (Business Times)   - OILS and fats producers need to work collectively to overcome potential shortages and create synergy that can have a favourable impact on their production costs, said Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) chief executive officer Tan Sri Yusof Basiron.

There are synergies in terms of palm oil technical optimisation in various applications and formulations, or in taking advantage of geographical logistic opportunities which can lead to cost savings, he noted.

He felt that demand for oils and fats for biofuel will remain relatively large as long as prices are lower than fossil fuel equivalent, he told the National Institutes of Oilseed Products (NIOP) 2007 Annual Convention at Palm Springs, California.

However, the market will eventually come to a balanced situation with the food sector having to pay a high price to compete for oils and fats supply, which would otherwise be diverted to the biofuel market, he added.

“As only 10 countries are self-sufficient in the supply of oils and fats, major net exporters like Malaysia and Indonesia will continue to focus on palm oil, thus playing a pivotal role in fulfilling the requirements of net importers,” he said.

In countries such as the US, the European Union and Japan, for whom shipping costs from Malaysia or Indonesia are almost the same, he said there is a preference to import from traditional suppliers such as Malaysia for the added quality assurance and other after-sales services by experienced exporters.

Yusof also urged industry players to take the bold step of advocating “a great synergy” between soyabean and palm oils to fill the void in the solid fats sector.

In the past, demand for solid fats was primarily met by partial hydrogenation of liquid oils, which are now associated with containing the undesirable trans fatty acid.

“Even for countries which are net exporters of oils and fats, synergies are created by using palm oil either on its own or in combination with other oils and fats,” he noted. — Bernama

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