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 Enviro Voraxial Technology Announces Shipment of V

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Feb. 22 -- Enviro Voraxial(R) Technology, Inc.(OTC Bulletin Board: EVTN - News) announced today that it has delivered aVoraxial(R) 2000 Separator to a major producer of palm oil in Costa Rica.During 2004, EVTN conducted separation tests on crude palm oil samplesprovided by the customer. Effluent samples were collected and thenanalyzed by a certified laboratory, which showed good separation of palmoil. The client was very encouraged by the test results and requested aVoraxial(R) 2000 Separator for testing at one of their facilities in CostaRica. The testing at their facility will evaluate several potentialapplications, including:

1.) Separation of the palm oil coming from the press,

2.) Separation of palm oil from the clarifier sludge,

3.) Separation of palm oil from condensate at other process points.

"We are continuing to respond to numerous requests about particularliquid/liquid and liquid/solid applications from various industries," saidJohn A. DiBella, Vice President of Enviro Voraxial Technology. "The needfor more efficient separation processes extends beyond those normallyassociated with the oil industry and manufacturing. Palm oil is a unique,and large vertical market -- the separation requirements in this verticalmarket are similar to those of other industries."

About Enviro Voraxial(R) Technology

Enviro Voraxial(R) Technology, Inc.'s patented Voraxial(R) Separator is acost-efficient, continuous flow separator that simultaneously separatesliquid/liquid, liquid/solid or liquid/liquid/solid mixtures at extremelyhigh flow rates while achieving very high levels of purity. Thetechnological superiority of the Voraxial(R) Separator over conventionaltechnologies is in its ability to produce a real-time, high "g"centrifugal force to yield a high-purity product or products at a volumeof 3 gallons per minute to over 10,000 gallons per minute. The Voraxial(R)Separator technology is scaleable and nearly universal in itsimplementation. Although the Voraxial(R) Separator is applicable to almostany industry separation process, the Company is focusing its near-termefforts in the following five vertical markets: municipal wastewaterindustry, oil exploration and production, oil refineries, mining, andmanufacturing.

EVTN is continuing to develop and market its Voraxial(R) Separator asstand-alone technology as well as a key component to improve theefficiency of self-contained treatment systems for multiple applications.

Safe Harbor Disclosure -- This Press Release contains or incorporates byreference "forward-looking statements," including certain information withrespect to plans and strategies of Enviro Voraxial(R) Technology, Inc. Forthis purpose, any statements regarding this announcement, which are notpurely historical, are forward-looking statements, within the meaning ofthe Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, including EnviroVoraxial(R) Technology, Inc. beliefs, expectations, hopes or intentionsregarding the future. All forward-looking statements are made as of thedate hereof and based on information available to Enviro Voraxial(R)Technology, Inc. as of such date. There are a number of important factorsthat could cause actual events or actual results of Enviro Voraxial(R) andits subsidiaries to differ materially from those indicated by suchforward-looking statements.

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