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 Edible oil trade fair to be held in Seville in Sep

1/5/2005 - The fair promoters SURVEY Marketing & Consulting GMBH & Co. KGare organizing their second professional trade fair in Spain, EDIBLE OIL,which caters to the international oils and fats industry.

EDIBLE OIL is being set up with a view to becoming the leadinginternational commercial showcase for business to business buying/sellingof oils and fats, bringing together for the first time all existingproduct ranges on an international level.

SURVEY will be investing 1,500,000 euros in order to organise EDIBLE OIL05 and ensure that it becomes a frontline and unique showcase and businesshub for all companies which produce, process, package and/or commercialiseedible oils and/or fats for consumption or industrial use.

In organising this professional fair, SURVEY is proving that its fairconcept is totally viable and profitable in Spain and has chosen theSpanish market as an international meeting platform.

SURVEY is backed by over ten years of experience in organising trade fairson an international level based on the ìturn keyî concept applied to astate of the art business center which is profitable both for visitors andexhibitors.

This innovative way of organising a trade fair has been highly successfulin the different professional sectors where it has already beenimplemented. Its success is based on the use of a standard stand modulewhich does away with the need for large spaces and costly constructions,offering the same service to very different sized companies and switchingthe focus onto the quality of the product rather than the exhibition spaceor the image.

SURVEY first entered the Spanish trade fair market with ZOW, theExhibition of Components, Semi-Finished Products and Accessories for theFurniture Industry. An annual fair which in just three years hasconsolidated itself as one of the frontline business to business showcasesin the furniture industry. The success of ZOW Spain followed that ofsimilar trade fairs in Germany and Italy. Similar fairs are currentlybeing held in Russia and China.

Survey chose Spain, and more specifically Seville, to organise a trueìbusiness to businessî fair in the oils and fats industry in order toaddress the need for change on the part of the edible oils and fatsindustry concerning the product and mainly with regard to production andmarketing processes. This is what makes this fair a unique showcase inEurope that will contribute to solving the main problems the industry isfacing at the moment such as that of promoting consumption, which isessential given the increase and improvements in production, and a greaterpresence in overseas markets.

The first edition of EDIBLE OIL will be held from the 21st - 23rdSeptember 2005 in Seville at the FIBES fair precinct.

EDIBLE OIL is organised by SURVEY Marketing + Consulting GMBH & Co. KG(Germany), a consulting firm that specialises in providingìBusiness-to-Businessî management and marketing solutions. For over adecade now SURVEY has been organising highly successful industry eventsand trade fairs worldwide.

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