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24911. 12/05/2008
12/05/2008 (The Guardian) - Britain's passion for chocolate, cakes and crisps is fuelling a violent campaign to force Colombian peasants off their land to make way for oil palm plantations, a report claims today.
24912. 12/05/2008
12/05/2008 (The Star Online) - TIMBER giant Ta Ann Holdings Bhd is looking at substantially expanding its oil palm plantation within the next five years to balance its business portfolio.
24913. 12/05/2008
12/05/2008 (The Star online) - IN recent months, agriculture commodities have posted their biggest monthly gains since the 1970s oil crisis. The rise in international prices, which has been building up in recent years, gathered pace in 2007 and looks set to surge higher this year on the back of a continuation of tight supplies, higher crude oil prices (which is adding fuel to the biofuel proposition worldwide), adverse weather in major planting regions and the unrestrained consumption boom in major emerging economies.
24914. 12/05/2008
12/05/2008 (The Economic Times), Mumbai - Commodities, which have been in the spotlight for increasing the global inflation, could enter a bearish phase in the second half of 2008, according to global marketwatchers. They suggest that the recent rise has less to do with fundamental factors, and more to do with traders preferring safer investments to risky asset classes like equities. So once the panic in global financial markets settles down and the true forces of demand and supply come into play, commodity prices would have to fall, experts said.
24915. 12/05/2008
12/05/2008 (The Post, Pakistan) - Massive production of bio-fuels is ‘a crime against humanity’ because of its impact on global food prices that are increasing day by day and has been out of reach of a poor man, a UN report indicated. In 2006, worldwide bio-fuel production reached 44 billion litres, which include 38 billion litres of ethanol.
24916. 12/05/2008
10/05/2008 (Khaleej Times Online) - Malaysia may be producing most of the palm oil in the world,but it is certainly not at the expense of logging and replacing natural forests with oil palm cultivation or loss of wildlife and their habitat.
24917. 12/05/2008
09/05/2008 (The Edge Daily), Kuala Lumpur - Crude palm oil (CPO) price is expected to breach the RM3,600 per tonne mark on the back of escalating crude oil prices, although it is expected to hover between RM3,500 and RM3,600 in the short term.
24918. 12/05/2008
09/05/2008 (Commodity Online), Kuala Lumpur - Palm oil production in Malaysia’s largest palm oil producing province, Sabah is likely to be hit by heavy rains and strong winds expected from Saturday to Tuesday.
24919. 09/05/2008
09/05/2008 (The Bangkok Post), Surat Thani - More than 300 oil palm growers blockaded a highway in Tha Chana district yesterday, demanding the government tackle the problems of a fall in prices of their crop and the oversupply of oil palm fruit on the market. Oil palm planters from Tha Chana and Chumphon's Lamae district blocked a section of the No 41 Asian Highway with around 100 pickup trucks loaded with oil palm fruit by noon.
24920. 09/05/2008
08/05/2008 (Reuters), Kuala Lumpur - Pakistan's palm oil imports in the July-September period are likely to climb 40 percent from the previous quarter as the country gears up for strong demand during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.
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