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24981. 12/08/2008
11/08/2008 (Joy Online) - Benso Oil Palm Plantation Limited (BOPP) consolidated the impressive performance during the first quarter of the year by recording another good performance during the first half of 2008.
24982. 12/08/2008
11/08/2008 (Flexnews), Jakarta - Indonesia, the world's top palm oil producer, expects its crude palm oil output to rise to 19.4 million tonnes in 2009 as more trees mature and the cultivation area expands, Agriculture Minister Anton Apriyantono said on Monday.
24983. 11/08/2008
11/08/2008 (The Edge Daily), Kuala Lumpur - Crude palm oil’s (CPO) near-term outlook remains bleak following tumbling of prices last week amid a global selldown in commodities, indicating that the sector is heading for a downcycle.
24984. 11/08/2008
11/08/2008 (Monster and Critics), New Delhi - Under a free trade agreement to be signed at a summit in Bangkok in December, India will substantially reduce duties on about 96 per cent of items it trades with the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN), news reports said Sunday.
24985. 11/08/2008
10/08/2008 (Ventura Country Star) - Have you heard of "nutrition fatigue"? It is a term for the problem faced by nutrition advocates after years of telling people so many things are dangerous to human health.
24986. 11/08/2008
09/08/2008 (Daily News Online) - ALL land practitioners have got to address the issue of land for bio-fuels. In Tanzania concern has already been raised both in Parliament and by a number of commentators that we are giving away too much land, valuable land, to foreign investors for growing plants for bio-fuels. A good starting point to address this issue is to understand what bio-fuels are and whether bio-fuel growing is good, bad or ugly for a poor country like Tanzania. There is a lot of literature now on bio-fuels with arguments on both sides of the fence; some arguing for, and some arguing against bio-fuels. Addressing the question of bio-fuels has taken on an urgent need in view of the escalating (fossil) oil prices and in view of the need to protect the environment. Once heralded as the alternative fuel source of the future, bio-fuels have come under scrutiny recently with a number of reports suggesting they cause more harm to the environment than originally thought, and that they cause fundamental socio-economic problems affecting access to land for the world poor.
24987. 11/08/2008
09/08/2008 (The Economic Times) - NEW DELHI: India and the ASEAN have finally concluded talks on a free trade agreement (FTA), sorting out long-standing differences over proposed tariff cuts in sensitive farm products such as palm oil.
24988. 11/08/2008
10/08/2008 (The Hindu Business Line), Mumbai - The widespread sell off in the commodity markets in recent days has not spared the vegetable oil market. Firming US dollar, falling crude prices, burgeoning stocks and generally improved weather conditions in major origins have all combined to drive speculative funds holding long positions to liquidate.
24989. 08/08/2008
08/08/2008 (The Nation News) - The International Financial Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, has presented to the Liberian Government the findings of a study that reviewed the country’s oil palm sector.
24990. 08/08/2008
07/08/2008 (Commodity Online), New Delhi - News of an increased domestic oilseed output and crashing global prices may force the centre to impose import tax on crude vegetable oils, which was lifted following a huge rise in prices in the domestic market.
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