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24991. 28/05/2008
28/05/2008 (The Economic Times), Kolkata - Amid the ongoing controversy over expansion in the area for palm oil plantation in Malaysia and Indonesia, allegedly at the cost of destruction of the environment, India wants both countries to take proactive steps to promote production and export of environment-friendly palm oils according to the criteria laid down by the world body Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RPSO), which works for the promotion of sustainable palm oils.
24992. 28/05/2008
28/05/2008 (Star Telegram.com) - While showering a few weeks ago, I realized I had run out of conditioner. So I reached up and grabbed my wife's bottle -- Clairol Herbal Essences Rainforest Flowers, "with essences of nourishing palm."
24993. 28/05/2008
27/05/2008 (Bernama), Dubai - A palm oil trade fair began here Monday as Malaysia moves to sustain and enhance its palm oil trade with Middle East countries, with the Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) projecting the Southeast Asian country's palm oil exports to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to hit 400,000 metric tonnes this year.
24994. 28/05/2008
27/05/2008 (Commodity Online), Jakarta - Rising demand for biofuel, increase in exports from China and India are driving up crude palm oil prices. Chinese and Indian imports this year are already up 26 per cent and 17 per cent respectively compared to corresponding period in 2007.
24995. 27/05/2008
27/05/2008 (Gulf Daily News), Manama - Malaysian palm oil exports to Bahrain are expected to cross 1,250 metric tonnes this year, according to latest studies by the Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC).
24996. 27/05/2008
27/05/2008 (Gulf Times), Doha - Malaysian palm oil exports to Qatar are expected to cross 15,000 metric tonnes in 2008, according to latest studies by Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC). The exports stood at 108 metric tonnes worth 1bn ringgits in 2007, according to official figures.
24997. 27/05/2008
27/05/2008 (The Jakarta Post) - The palm oil industry is not only popular in the discourse of biofuels, but it is also economically lucrative.
24998. 27/05/2008
27/05/2008 (Daily Times, Pakistan), Islamabad - Pakistan Vanaspati Manufacturer’s Association (PVMA) Monday demanded the government to rationalise the customs duty and other taxes on imported edible oil in the annual budget 2008-09 in accordance with the increase/decrease in their prices in international market.
24999. 27/05/2008
27/05/2008 (Carbon News) - Responding to growing international concern over the lack of sustainability in crop-based production of biofuels, Indonesian palm oil producers have said they will not clear land for their crops in future.
25000. 27/05/2008
26/05/2008 (Bernama), Kuala Lumpur - The Plantation Industries and Commodities Ministry expects the country's palm oil exports to India to improve if the Indian government reduces its import duties on refined palm oil.
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