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25021. 02/11/2004
KUALA TERENGGANU, Oct 31 (Bernama) -- Felda will develop about 20,000hectares of marginal land in its schemes which is unsuitable for oil palmand has been left idle for years.
25022. 02/11/2004
Saturday October 30, 2004 - ALTHOUGH Kulim (M) Bhd recently joined theexclusive club of listed Malaysian plantation companies with more than100,000 ha of land each, it has yet to gain the kind of attention amonginvestors that the others do.
25023. 02/11/2004
2/11/04 KARACHI: Malaysia and Pakistan have are agreed in principle toestablish a preferential tariff arrangement during two-day meeting of thejoint ministerial commission meeting at Kuala Lumpur, said a press releaseissued by the Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) on Monday.
25024. 02/11/2004
BOTA, Nov 1 - The Rubber Industry Smallholders Development Authority(Risda) may use the National Land Code to compulsorily acquire the morepoorly managed estates of smallholders if all else fails.Risda chairman Datuk Abd Raman Suliman hinted that the organisation mightresort to such drastic measures should these smallholders refuse to allowtheir estates to be managed by Risda Smallholders Plantations Sdn Bhd(RSPSB).
25025. 29/10/2004
10/28/2004 (Asia Pulse) ZHENGZHOU - China's soybean oil consumption hasgrown sharply, with the country's edible consumption of soybean oiltopping 5.6 million tons in 2003/2004.
25026. 29/10/2004
KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 28 (Bernama) -- Energy, Water and CommunicationsMinister, Datuk Seri Dr Lim Keng Yaik, said that Renewable Energy (RE)could be developed further in Malaysia to generate long-term energy needs,including electricity supply.
25027. 28/10/2004
27/10/2004 (NewsRx.com & NewsRx.net) -- By studying cancer in mice,researchers at the University of Texas at Austin have gained preliminaryevidence that a novel compound that resembles vitamin E halves the size oftumors and the ability of cancer to spread to other body sites.
25028. 28/10/2004
23/10/04 - Customs data showed China imported 1.45 million tons of soybeanin September, down 51.5%, and 13.95 million tons of soybean from Januaryto September, down 21.2%. China imported 43,000 tons of soyoil inSeptember, down 15.8% and 2.044 million tons of soyoil from January toSeptember, up 70.6%. China imported 354,000 tons of palm oil in September,down 0.5% and 2.757 million tons of palm oil from January to September, up10%.
25029. 28/10/2004
27/10/2004 Agra Europe - Higher import quotas by China has spurredIndonesia, the world's second largest palm oil producer after Malaysia, tobelieve it can boost exports to the East Asian giant.
25030. 28/10/2004
Ho,Ghana Oct 27, (GNA)- GRATIS Foundation has initiated moves to helplocal oil-palm producers in the Volta Region to change over from pressingpalm fruits in dug-outs with their feet to using a micro palm fruitdigester. The digester, which is capable of processing five tonnes of palmfruits per hour, costs 2.5 million cedis.
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