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25021. 01/10/2007
28/09/2007 (sustainable Industries), Seattle - Three months after filing with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) to go public with a valuation of $345 million, Seattle-based Imperium Renewables opened a 100- million-gallons-a-year biodiesel plant in Hoquiam, Wash. — the largest biodiesel plant to date in the United States. The Grays Harbor county plant will eventually employ 60 staff, Imperium spokesman John Williams says.
25022. 01/10/2007
28/09/2007 (Sify.com) - The global agribusiness scenario is undergoing a fundamental change, which started a couple of years back. Currently, it is not so much changes in food production or consumption, but the rapidly expanding bio-fuels sector that is seen driving the global grains and oilseeds market.
25023. 01/10/2007
28/09/2007 (Sky News) - Buying biofuel for your car could be more devastating to the planet than traditional fossil fuels. A Sky News investigation has revealed that filling up with bio diesel containing palm oil is helping to destroy some of the world's most precious rainforests.
25024. 01/10/2007
28/09/2007 (ANTARA News), Jakarta - Agriculture Minister Anton Apriyantono will leave for London, Britain, next weekend, to talk with European non-governmental organizations (NGOs) activists about their negative campaigns on Indonesia`s oil palm plantations.
25025. 28/09/2007
27/09/2007 (All Africa.com) - The regional project, "Improving the Income Generating Potential of the Oil Palm in Cameroon and Nigeria entered an important phase yesterday with stakeholders in the oil palm sector working out a modality for selecting areas that will host four oil palm processing units in Cameroon.
25026. 28/09/2007
27/09/2007 (News 24), Frankfurt - Several car makers at the Frankfurt Motor Show have presented vehicles capable of running on both petrol and ethanol, fuelling a debate on whether biofuels are a blessing or a curse.
25027. 28/09/2007
27/09/2007 (Economist.com) - SOMETIMES you do things simply because you know how to. People have known how to make ethanol since the dawn of civilisation, if not before. Take some sugary liquid. Add yeast. Wait. They have also known for a thousand years how to get that ethanol out of the formerly sugary liquid and into a more or less pure form. You heat it up, catch the vapour that emanates, and cool that vapour down until it liquefies.
25028. 28/09/2007
27/09/2007 (Cayman Net News Online) - The use of biodiesel is increasing in the Cayman Islands. With further environmentally friendly initiatives in the works and not content with selling imported biodiesel, Larry Bang of Cayman Biofuels is setting out to produce it locally.
25029. 28/09/2007
27/09/2007 (SR INternational) - Biodiesel is the new petroleum free fuel that will be sold in Sweden at the end of October. It produces around 12 percent less carbon dioxide emissions than normal petroleum-based diesel.
25030. 27/09/2007
26/09/2007 (BUsiness Times) -YEE LEE Corp Bhd, a cooking oil manufacturer, says the Supply and Cooking Oil Price Stabilisation Scheme does not provide adequate compensation and payment is slow.
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