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25051. 28/09/2007
27/09/2007 (Economist.com) - SOMETIMES you do things simply because you know how to. People have known how to make ethanol since the dawn of civilisation, if not before. Take some sugary liquid. Add yeast. Wait. They have also known for a thousand years how to get that ethanol out of the formerly sugary liquid and into a more or less pure form. You heat it up, catch the vapour that emanates, and cool that vapour down until it liquefies.
25052. 28/09/2007
27/09/2007 (Cayman Net News Online) - The use of biodiesel is increasing in the Cayman Islands. With further environmentally friendly initiatives in the works and not content with selling imported biodiesel, Larry Bang of Cayman Biofuels is setting out to produce it locally.
25053. 28/09/2007
27/09/2007 (SR INternational) - Biodiesel is the new petroleum free fuel that will be sold in Sweden at the end of October. It produces around 12 percent less carbon dioxide emissions than normal petroleum-based diesel.
25054. 27/09/2007
26/09/2007 (BUsiness Times) -YEE LEE Corp Bhd, a cooking oil manufacturer, says the Supply and Cooking Oil Price Stabilisation Scheme does not provide adequate compensation and payment is slow.
25055. 27/09/2007
27/09/2007 (The Economic Times), NEW DELHI - Nafed, which has so far imported 40,000 tonne of edible oil, will keep a track of international prices before deciding on further imports.
25056. 27/09/2007
27/09/2007 (Business Times) - NEW DELHI: National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India (Nafed) plans to double the turnover of seed business in 2007 after entering the sector last year.
25057. 27/09/2007
26/09/2007 (Kessben News) - Oil palm cultivators would no longer climb the trees when harvesting the fruits with the introduction of the "Malayan knife" at this year's celebration of Scientific Renaissance in Africa Day at Suhyen near Koforidua last Tuesday.
25058. 27/09/2007
26/09/3007 (National Review Online) - Three months ago, prior to this year’s Group of Eight (G8) meeting, President Bush surprised the world when he called for setting a global goal for reducing greenhouse-gas emissions, replacing the Kyoto Protocol which will expire in 2012. This month, at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting, he adopted the Sydney Declaration on Climate Change, Energy Security and Clean Development, and this week he will follow up on his call by playing host to the first Major Economies Meeting on Energy Security and Climate Change, which, in addition to the G8 members, will include Australia, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Mexico, and South Africa.
25059. 27/09/2007
27/09/2007 (Lankan Business Online) – Exporters of 'vanaspathi' vegetable oil to India have called on Sri Lanka to remove a 25 dollar per tonne levy on raw material imports, if the industry is to survive.
25060. 27/09/2007
26/09/2007 (The Jakarta Post) - The Federal Reserve's recent move doesn't provide a solid reason for Indonesia to cut its interest rates. Markets worldwide reacted positively after last week's decision by the Federal Reserve to cut the rate it charges for overnight interbank lending -- known as the Fed Funds Rate -- by half a percentage point to 4.75 percent.
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