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25051. 06/05/2008
05/05/2008 (Liverpool Echo, UK) - PROTESTS at Unilever’s Port Sunlight plant has led to a policy change by the company.
25052. 06/05/2008
05/05/2008 (Voice Of America News) - At the 1900 World's Fair in Paris, Rudolf Diesel exhibited an engine that could run on oil from vegetables and plants. But Diesel's design was eclipsed by automobile engines that ran on petroleum-based fuel. Today, though, with concerns about the environment and the supply of oil, diesel engines – and the sustainable options for running them – are getting a second look. Auto industry analysts expect sales of diesel-powered cars in the United States to triple in the next decade, and many of those drivers will be looking for plant-based fuel, "bio-diesel," to put in their tanks. Jan Sluizer has more on what some say is the fuel of the future.
25053. 06/05/2008
05/05/2008 (Environmental Leader) - In response to concerns, and protests, over palm oil crops’ role in rainforest deforestation, food giant Unilever has announced it will use only palm oil certified as sustainable, BusinessGreen reports.
25054. 06/05/2008
05/05/2008 (Mail & Guardian Online) - Once hailed as a healthy alternative to trans-fats, as a green wonder-fuel and as a driver of South-East Asia's economic prosperity, palm oil's image has taken quite a beating recently.
25055. 06/05/2008
05/05/2008 (The Jakarta Post) - Environmental group Greenpeace has echoed calls by consumer goods giant Unilever to impose a moratorium on deforestation in Indonesia in support for the company's pledge to purchase only certified sustainable palm oil.
25056. 05/05/2008
05/05/2008 (Advertising Age), Ohio - Greg Allgood, who directs Procter & Gamble Co.'s Children's Safe Drinking Water program, recently has spent a lot of time demonstrating Pur's purification packets for developing countries that turn disgusting, brown water crystal clear. On one TV appearance last week, he accidentally took a swig from the dirty "before" water instead of the treated water in a clip that made the rounds to "Countdown" on MSNBC.
25057. 05/05/2008
05/05/2008 (The New Zealand Herald) - Importing palm kernel cakes as supplementary farm feed contributes to rainforest destruction and should be stopped, says a Federated Farmers spokesman.
25058. 05/05/2008
01/05/2008 (Telegraph.co.uk) - The Prince of Wales praised the giant Unilever group after it pledged to use only sustainably produced palm oil in its products.
25059. 05/05/2008
01/05/2008 (Forbes) - Unilever NV said it will aim to ensure the palm oil it uses comes from certified sustainable sources by 2015.
25060. 05/05/2008
04/05/2008 (AFP), Malaysia — Malaysia is promoting its controversial palm oil industry as a model of eco-friendliness, but activists warn forests are still being destroyed to make way for vast plantations.
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