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25081. 12/10/2004
Accra, Oct 11, Daily Graphic --The Ministry of Trade, Industry andPresident’s Special Initiatives has placed restrictions on the export andlocal marketing of palm oil and chilies with immediate effect.
25082. 12/10/2004
11/10/04 Kuala Lumpur - Tradewinds Corporation Bhd, formerly PernasInternational Holdings Bhd, expects its plantations business to increaseearnings contribution from 40% currently to 60% by 2007, says its groupchief executive officer Mohd Redza Shah Abdul Wahid.
25083. 12/10/2004
10/10/04 - FELCRA settlers have another reason to cheer this coming HariRaya as they will receive dividend payments totalling RM108.5 million nextmonth. The amount is part of the RM232.2 million of dividends to be paidto 86,521 settlers by Felcra Berhad from profits made by its 1,311plantations nationwide last year.
25084. 11/10/2004
07/10/04 - Heavy Influence of Rainfall on Seasonal Palm Oil Production Thefactors influencing palm oil production differ fundamentally from thoseinfluencing the output of seed oils, at least as far as the seasonalfluctuations are concerned. While the seasonal fluctuations of seed oiloutput are man-made, those of palm oil are made biologically and canvirtually not be influenced by man. Oilseed crops are harvested within ashort period of 6-8 weeks and it then depends on the decision of theoilseed millers how they distribute the crushings over the whole season.The main factors influencing their decision are the demand for theproducts, the prices for the raw material and the products as well as thecrush margins resulting therefrom.As against this, the distribution of palm oil production over a year canvirtually not be influenced by the producers. It is dependent mainly onthe heavy fluctuations of rainfall in the oil palm producing areas. Onlythe annual changes in palm oil production are partly influenced by man,viz. by the changes in plantings and the resulting changes in the maturearea, though only, 2½-4 years later. Additionally any changes infertilizing and other agronomic inputs as well as the biological yieldcycle influence the annual changes in production.A look at Malaysia, the world’s largest palm oil producer, reveals howenormous the monthly changes in rainfall are. The following graphs showthat even the multiyear monthly averages fluctuated sharply between 334 mmin November and 124 mm in June. In between there is an interim peak at 235mm in April (all in West Malaysia). In assessing the effects of rainfallon palm oil production it should be taken into consideration that oilpalms are perennial crops, viz. the production process lasts throughout ayear and several years. That is, every month the following stages of theprocess occur simultaneously and continuously:- Initiation of the buds (around three years before the harvest),- Sex differentiation (around two years before the harvest), influencingthe number of fresh fruit bunches (FFB) per hectare,- Abortion of female fruits, if any (about ten months before the harvest),influencing the final FFB number to be harvested and- Flowering (about 5 months before the harvest).
25085. 11/10/2004
New Delhi , Oct. 8 - IN yet another step to curb inflationary pressuresduring the coming festival season, the Government has eased norms forduty-free imports of vanaspati from Nepal.
25086. 11/10/2004
10/10/04 Oilmandi - Major palm oil players and non-governmentalorganizations plan to produce standards and criteria for a sustainablepalm oil industry within a year, the Roundtable On Sustainable Palm Oil(RSPO), said Wednesday. Teoh Cheng Hai, secretary general of the RSPO, saidas the standards and criteria cover a broad range of issues, it will takelonger to produce them. The RSPO ended its second meeting in JakartaWednesday. However, it has yet todecide when and where the third meetingwill take place next year. The RSPO is an association founded in Aprilthis year which groups major players in the palm oil supply chain,including oil palm growers, processors,traders, banks, retailers andenvironmental NGOs.
25087. 11/10/2004
07/10/04 Oilmandi - India's MY 2004 soybean production to touch a record 7million metric tons, due to increased planting in response to relativehigher prices, as per information from the U.S. Department ofAgriculture's Foreign Agricultural Service .
25088. 09/10/2004
Thursday, October 07, 2004 - GEOGRAPHICALLY and topographically, the palmoil industry will not be viable in Negros Occidental, said businessmanEnrique Montilla.
25089. 09/10/2004
Saturday October 9, 2004 - THE physical part of the rationalisationexercise between Golden Hope Plantations Bhd (GHope) and Island &Peninsular Bhd (I&P) is to be completed by Nov 1 this year, said groupchief executive Datuk Sabri Ahmad.
25090. 09/10/2004
Friday, October 08, 2004 - FOREIGN investors expressed willingness tofinance the proposed palm oil plantation planned in southern NegrosOccidental.
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