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25431. 18/01/2008
16/01/2008 (The Bangkok Post) - The mandatory introduction of biodiesel next month has had little impact on crude palm oil supplies, insists Chaiwat Churit, a senior executive vice-president of PTT Plc. The Energy Ministry plans to make B2 biodiesel, a blend of 2% biofuel and diesel, the universal standard starting from Feb 2.
25432. 18/01/2008
15/01/2008 (Mongabay.com) - The E.U. may ban imports of certain biofuel feedstocks that damage the environment, reports The New York Times. While Europe aims to supply 10 percent of all vehicle fuel from biofuels by 2020, environmentalists say some biofuels like palm oil are driving the destruction of biologically-rich rainforests and may produce more emissions than conventional fossil fuels.
25433. 18/01/2008
15/01/2008 (Reuters), Kuala Lumpur - The European Union's talk of toughening environment criteria for biofuels, including a clampdown on palm biodiesel, is another blow for Southeast Asia's struggling biodiesel business.
25434. 18/01/2008
15/01/2008 (The Star Online), Johor Bahru - Foreigners shopping in Malaysia will soon be prohibited from taking controlled food items, such as cooking oil, sugar and flour, out of the country in a bid to help prevent shortages.
25435. 18/01/2008
15/01/2008 (The Star Online), Johor Bharu - Foreigners who shop in Malaysia should be prohibited from taking foodstuff categorised as controlled items out of the country.
25436. 18/01/2008
18/01/2008 (The Daily Times, Pakistan), Islamabad - Large difference in prices of cooking oil and ghee at the utility stores and in open market shows the authorities’ inability to control prices and profiteering in town.
25437. 18/01/2008
18/01/2008 (The New Nation, Bangladesh) - Prices of edible oil have been continuing an upward trend. This essential consumer item experienced 57 percent increase in price over the last year and almost 7 percent over the past one month. The situation in the edible oil market is such that retail prices show an upward trend when prices in the wholesale market decrease.
25438. 15/01/2008
15/01/2008 (The Star Online), Petaling Jaya - Crude palm oil (CPO) futures on Malaysia Derivatives Exchange hit a new record of above RM3,400 per tonne yesterday on supply concern amid surging world demand for food and biodiesel consumption.
25439. 15/01/2008
15/01/2008(ANTARA News), Jakarta - Indonesia plans to substitute around 10 percent of its fossil fuel transport consumption with biofuel products by 2010, a senior government official said on Monday.
25440. 15/01/2008
15/01/2008 (The Bangkok Post) - The Commerce Ministry yesterday threatened to set a ceiling for retail prices of cooking palm oil if it found traders were hoarding the product.
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