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25461. 14/11/2007
13/11/2007 (Statesman News Service), Thairuvananthapuram - Kerala agriculture minister Mr Mullakkara Ratnakaran is in New Delhi to convince Mr Sharad Pawar, Union agriculture minister, that a ban on palm oil import through the ports of south India is in the coconut farmers’ best interest.
25462. 14/11/2007
12/11/2007 (International Herald Tribune), Jakarta - Indonesia, the largest palm oil producer in the world, plans to set up a holding company for its 14 state-owned plantation owners, a proposal that may precede a share sale within two years.
25463. 14/11/2007
13/11/2007 (PTI), New Delhi - The government on Tuesday ruled out any plan to reduce the import duty on edible oils such as soyabean oil and palm oil.
25464. 14/11/2007
13/11/2007 (The Star Online), Petaling Jaya - Crude palm oil (CPO) prices eased yesterday as the drop in export volume raised concerns that prices might have gone up too quickly to sustain demand.
25465. 14/11/2007
13/11/2007 (New Consumer.com)Palm oil is one of the latest environmentally catastrophic ingredients that we’ve been waking up to lately - and quite literally, as from cereals to soaps it’s an often unspecified oil in many products.
25466. 14/11/2007
13/11/2007 (The Economic Times), Gianyar - Indonesia plans to return to a 5 per cent biodiesel blend in diesel within the next three years on expectations of rising palm oil and jatropha production, Energy Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro said on Tuesday.
25467. 14/11/2007
13/11/2007 (Poynter Online) - Marketplace radio has a story about the soaring price of palm oil, corn oil and other vegetable oils. The Marketplace story says about one third of the world's vegetable oil comes from palm trees. For the last decade, palm oil has traded for about $450 a ton. Now it sells for more than double. Palm oil is the cheapest vegetable oil. Prices rose by 40 percent in 2006.
25468. 14/11/2007
13/11/2007 (Carbon Positive) - A number of multinational food and household product companies have been named in a report by Greenpeace as contributing to the rapid destruction of tropical rainforest and related greenhouse gas emissions.
25469. 14/11/2007
11/12/2007 (Cosmetic Design.com)- Procter & Gamble and Unilever are among the personal care companies implicated in the environmental time bomb planted by the farming of the natural ingredient palm oil, according to a new report.
25470. 14/11/2007
11/12/2007 (The Peninsula), Thiruvananthapuram - Kerala’s anti-imperialist slogans rent the air today, though in a corner of the northern Beypore port by a small band of activists, protesting against the import of palmolein.
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