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25531. 14/03/2005
Monday March 14, 2005 - THE Government’s recent proposal to allow foreignworkers, currently restricted to sectors such as palm oil plantations,construction, restaurants and domestic help, to work on farms and insmall- and medium-scale industries, has contributed further to thecontroversial debate over the large presence of migrant workers in thecountry.
25532. 11/03/2005
3/10/2005 - Soybean exports are increased 35 million bushels to 1,045million bushels reflecting record shipments to China and reducedcompetitor supplies, especially in Brazil. Soybean crush is reduced to1,650 million bushels, as lower domestic soybean meal disappearance isonly partly offset by higher prospective soybean meal exports. U.S.soybean ending stocks for 2004/05 are projected at 410 million bushels,down 30 million bushels from last month, but still the highest since1986/87. Projected soybean oil stocks are reduced due to lower productionand increased exports.
25533. 10/03/2005
3/9/2005 - The first ever-global Roundtable on Sustainable Soy (RSS) willgather environmental and social organizations with businessesrepresentatives from the soy supply chain, from growers to fodder mills,meat producers, and retailers to discuss environmentally sound, sociallyresponsible, and economically viable production of soy.
25534. 10/03/2005
3/9/2005 - PARSIPPANY, N.J. -- Results from the recently completed Women'sHealth Study (WHS), funded both by the National Heart, Lung and BloodInstitute and the National Cancer Institute, indicate that vitamin Esupplementation provided neither benefit nor harm in relation to firstcardiovascular events including heart attack, stroke and death fromcardiovascular disease. Though vitamin E was not found to reduce the riskof first-time cardiovascular events, it was found unequivocally to be safefor consumption at the level of 600 IU every other day. Additionalanalyses are being done to determine whether any secondary benefits wereseen from the supplementation.
25535. 09/03/2005
Chennai , March 8 - THE Union Government is considering a review of itsdecision to cut the tariff value of imported crude soyabean oil to $485 atonne from $565. It is likely to hike the value in tune with theprevailing global prices, according to sources.
25536. 09/03/2005
KUALA LUMPUR, 8 Mac (Bernama) -- Pengerusi Persatuan Minyak Sawit Malaysia(MPOA) Datuk Sabri Ahmad berkata industri sawit akan terjejas teruksekiranya pemprosesan tenaga kerja dari Indonesia terus tertangguh.
25537. 09/03/2005
KUALA LUMPUR, March 8 (Bernama) -- Mara and Malaysian Agriculture ResearchInstitute (Mardi), Tuesday inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU) aimedat boosting quality of food and agriculture products of Mara-trainedentrepreneurs.
25538. 09/03/2005
3/9/2005 Bangladesh - Major palm oil refiners of the country haveinvested huge amount of money to upgrade their plants to ensure superquality transparent palm oil aiming at grabbing a share from dominatingsoybean market, industry sources said."Over the years more than Tk 1.0 billion have been invested oninstallation of super palm refining equipment in some refineries," saidFakhrul Alam, country representative of the Malaysian Palm Oil PromotionCouncil (MPOPC) in Bangladesh.He said that the improvement has helped super palm oil refining of morethan 1000 tonnes a day and the capacity will rise to 3000 tonnes in thecurrent year.Among major edible oil refiners of the country City Group, Meghna Groupand TK Group have developed significant capacity for super palm refining,Alam said.A Rouf Chowdhury, chairman of the Bangladesh edible oil refinersassociation, said the edible oil refineries were investing huge money aspart of their survival strategy taken to meet market demand.Chowdhury said nearly half of the country's roughly 60 edible oilrefineries have been forced to suspend their operation due to high priceof crude soybean in the international market.Market sources said retailers across the country are selling super palmoil to consumers in the name of soybean oil. The fine and transparent oilgives a look of soybean and is sold at prices lower by Tk 7-8 perkilogram.The wholesale price of super palm is Tk 34.58 per kilogram while soybeanoil is being sold at Tk 42.63, but retailers sell super palm oil at Tk51-52."During summer, nearly 90 per cent of the edible oil sold at Moulvibazaris super palm oil," said Mohammed Ali, a trader of the country's largestcommodity wholesale market.Palm oil that gets thicker in winter brings down its demand, but the superpalm oil remains normal at a temperature of up to 10 degrees."Refiners are telling us that they would supply super palm refined withsuperior technology that will not get condensed in winter," Ali said.atistics showed that in 2004 the country imported 690,000 tonnes of crudepalm oil, an increase by more than 30 per cent over the previous year. Thesoybean oil import in the year stood at 320,000 tonnes, a fall by about 25per cent. Import of the mustard and rape seeds reached 167,000 tonnes in2004.Edible oil consumption in the country is estimated at 1.2 million tonnes.Local annual production of mustard oil is only 100,000 tonnes.
25539. 09/03/2005
JAKARTA, March 8 Asia Pulse - The Association of Palm Oil Companies(Gapki) predicted a surge in the price of crude palm oil (CPO) later thisyear with falling harvests of soybean in Brazil and the United States andgroundnut in India.
25540. 09/03/2005
KUALA LUMPUR, March 8 (Bernama) -- Guess what will the first Malaysianastronaut eat and wear in space when joining the Russian space missionscheduled in October 2007.
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