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25781. 28/07/2005
Wednesday July 27, 2005, 4:53 pm - JAKARTA (Dow Jones)--Malaysia'srecent move to let its currency appreciate against the U.S. dollar ispositive for Indonesian palm oil producers in general, but lingeringinfrastructure and productivity bottlenecks will prevent the gains fromfully trickling down, trade participants said Wednesday.Poor infrastructure, which prevents efficient movement of crude palm oilproduced in interior provinces, and low productivity in Indonesianplantations will mostly negate the advantages from a stronger ringgit thathas made Malaysian palm oil less competitive in the international market,he said."It won't have much impact on our exports, unless we can solve thoseproblems," said Benny Tjoeng, vice president of major CPO producer PTAstra Agro Lestari.
25782. 28/07/2005
July 27 2005 - ALTHOUGH the scrapping of the ringgit peg has hurt theplantations sector slightly, it can overcome the temporary setback thanksto strong global demand, low production and a slow harvest in palm oil’srival.
25783. 28/07/2005
Wednesday July 27, 2005 - MALAYSIA may produce 14.9 million tonnes ofpalm oil this year, Malaysian Palm Oil Association (MPOA) chief executiveAziz Meor Ngah said in an interview.
25784. 27/07/2005
7/26/2005 Thai Press Reports - Being the no.1 palm oil producer insouthern Thailand, Krabi is positioning itself towards a city of palm oilin response to biodisel promotion and demand.
25785. 26/07/2005
7/25/2005 (Business Times) - MALAYSIA and Indonesia will soon sign a pacton commodity cooperation primarily to work together, ensure pricestability and eliminate under-cutting between the two countries.
25786. 25/07/2005
7/21/2005 - Palm oil is now second only to soybean oil in terms of globaldemand, accounting for 28 per cent of total edible oil sales.
25787. 25/07/2005
KUALA LUMPUR, July 22 (Bernama) -- Golden Hope Plantations Bhd relaunchedHolsum and Crispa, two cooking oil brands acquired by its wholly ownedSouth African subsidiary Hudson & Knight (Pty) Ltd from Unilever SouthAfrica (Proprietary) Ltd in April.
25788. 25/07/2005
JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) -- Indonesia is seeking US$560 million (euro460million) to develop massive palm oil plantations along the Malaysianborder in Borneo, the agriculture minister said Tuesday.The plantations are expected to occupy 214,000 hectares (528,800 acres) ofland in Kalimantan province, providing more than 100,000 jobs, AntonApriyantono said.
25789. 25/07/2005
Friday July 22, 2005, KUALA LUMPUR (Dow Jones)--Malaysian palm oil pricessaw the sharpest decline in more than a month Friday after the governmentlate Thursday put the Malaysian currency under a managed float regime,moving away from a fixed exchange rate of 3.8 to the dollar.
25790. 25/07/2005
7/22/2005 USA - Some market-force planets are aligning, which may allowbiodiesel fuel to compete with its big petroleum cousin. Cost andsubsequently availability of the organic-based fuel have blocked anyserious entry into the market. Now, that may be changing. Rising petroleumprices and a new tax incentive are beginning to close the cost gap betweenpetroleum diesel and biodiesel.
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