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26291. 03/09/2004
KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 2 (Bernama) -- Oil palm mat, a locally developedinnovation to prevent soil erosion, may be making an environmental impactin Beijing when the Chinese capital plays host to the Olympic Games in2008.
26292. 03/09/2004
9/1/2004 THE NATION (THAILAND) - Palm growers are set to benefit from thegovernment's latest biofuel promotion scheme, which will need to buy palmoil for the production of biodiesel.
26293. 02/09/2004
9/1/04 (Oilmandi) - India’s fast moving consumer goods (FMCG)manufacturers would love to replicate China’s success story. The growth inthe urban Chinese FMCG market, at 9%, comfortably beats the Indian urbanFMCG market, which grew at 2.2% for the year ended April ’04.
26294. 02/09/2004
9/1/2004 (BUSINESS TIMES) - DEMAND for Malaysia's crude palm oil (CPO)for the rest of the year is expected to be strong, especially fromtraditional buyers such as China, India, Pakistan, the Netherlands andEgypt, a US report says.
26295. 02/09/2004
9/1/2004 (BUSINESS LINE) Kochi, INDIA - GLOBAL demand for coconut andcoconut products has increased considerably in recent years and it isexpected to continue in tune with the growth in world population.
26296. 02/09/2004
NEW DELHI, Sept 1 (Bernama) -- The Malaysian palm oil industry is lookingat adding value to its exports by expanding its oleochemical productssegment.
26297. 02/09/2004
PUTRAJAYA, Sept 1 (Bernama) -- IOI Corp Bhd executive chairman, Tan SriLee Shin Cheng said crude palm oil (CPO), which is currently trading at adiscount of RM475 (US$125) a tonne to soy oil, was slowly narrowing thegap.
26298. 01/09/2004
8/31/2004 (Graphic Arts Monthly) - This year marks the silver anniversaryof the research program launched by the then-called American NewspaperPublishers Association (ANPA)--now the Newspaper Association ofAmerica--to develop an alternative oil source for the petroleum-based newsinks then in common use by newspaper publishers. The intensive program wasimpelled by the volatile price fluctuations in crude oil that were, at thetime, causing both periodic news ink shortages and a threat to theprofitability of ANPA's members.
26299. 01/09/2004
8/31/2004 (BBC MONITORING INTERNATIONAL REPORTS) - Palm oil growers inTanintharyi [Tenasserim] Division have asked the government for more landso they can expand their plantations, said a senior agricultural officialfrom the Myanmar [Burma] Perennial Crops Enterprise.
26300. 01/09/2004
BEIJING, Aug 31 Asia Pulse - China's State Development and ReformCommission (SDRC) and the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) jointly issued theNotice on Redistribution of Import Quotas for Agricultural Products inlate August, with contents as follows:
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