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26401. 27/09/2007
26/09/2007 (Mercury News Online) - There's almost no more fat to fry in New York's restaurants, the city bragged last week. Some 94 percent of the Big Apple's more than 3,300 restaurants have switched to trans-fat-free spreads and oils since the city's ban on them went into effect in July, the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene said.
26402. 26/09/2007
24/09/2007 (International Herald Tribune), GOA, India - Palm oil futures in Malaysia may advance as much as 15 percent during the next year because of rising demand and a shortfall in supplies of vegetable oils, Dorab Mistry, a director at Godrej International, said Sunday.
26403. 26/09/2007
25/09/2007 (Biofuel Review) - Sterling Biofuels International Limited has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to develop a palm oil mill in the Lahad Datu region of Malaysia where its biodiesel plant is located. According to the company, the development of the mill will be undertaken jointly with an, as yet unamed, local partner who will provide access to minimum quantities of raw material (ie oil palm fruit bunches) for the mill. This is required for the purposes of obtaining a mill licence.
26404. 26/09/2007
26/09/2007 (The Economic Times), PANAJI - Vegetable oil prices are likely to come down by next year with an expected slowdown in biodiesel production, according to London-based economic consultancy LMC International managing director James Fry. Speaking at a seminar in Panaji, Mr Fry said there is a cyclical uptrend in palm oil production and if the US government slashes export subsidies on biofuels, the prices of vegetable oil will be moderately bearish.
26405. 26/09/2007
25/09/2007 (The Economic Times), NEW DELHI - National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India (NAFED), which has so far imported 40,000 tons of edible oil, will keep a track of international prices before deciding on further imports.
26406. 26/09/2007
25/09/2007 (The Jakarta Post) - A lack of coordination between government institutions is one of the main problems to face Indonesia over the past few years. Some examples should demonstrate the gravity of the problem.
26407. 25/09/2007
24/09/2007 (The Economis Times), NEW DELHI - Putting rumours of a ban on rice export at rest, the Centre today ruled out any such step and said a duty cut on imported edible oil would be considered at an "appropriate time".
26408. 25/09/2007
24/09/2007 (Reuters), India - Indonesia is expected to export 14 million tonnes of palm oils in 2008, up from this year's estimated 13 million tonnes, and record a further rise in overall output, a leading trade official said.
26409. 25/09/2007
24/09/2007 (The Jakarta Post) - Environmentalists and palm-oil producers are increasingly at odds. Greens groups say palm oil is driving the conversion of tens of thousands of hectares of peatlands and lowland forest in Indonesia, putting wildlife at risk, increasing the vulnerability of forests to fires, and triggering large emissions of greenhouse gases.
26410. 25/09/2007
25/09/2007 (The Economic Times), NEW DELHI - Brunei Darussalam, part of the 10-member Asean group, has demanded that India should cut import duties on oil and natural gas as part of the proposed India-Asean free trade agreement (FTA).
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