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26711. 12/03/2003
ROTTERDAM (March 12 2003) : Business on the European vegetable oils marketwas picked up in the afternoon as stronger CBOT soyaoil futures triggeredlate demand, market sources said.
26712. 12/03/2003
JAKARTA (March 12 2003) : Malaysia plans to buy up to 100,000 tonnes permonth of Indonesian crude palm oil (CPO) and re-sell it due to tightdomestic output, a leading Indonesian palm oil industry official said.
26713. 11/03/2003
BUENOS AIRES, Argentina, March 10 (Reuters) - Argentine soybean pricesslid on Monday on high supplies that built up in ports during a farmsector protest last week, though strong demand from crushers kept pricesfrom falling as much as expected, traders said.The market returned to normal on Monday after a week-long protest inwhich farmers, grain firms, cooperatives and brokers stopped buying andselling grains and oilseeds to pressure the government to change taxpolicy.The protest did not affect the harvest or exports -- since ports usedtheir reserves to satisfy export requirements -- and trucks continued tomake preset deliveries to ports.Traders warned last week that the buildup of supplies of grains andoilseeds during the protest could have a negative effect on prices oncethe market returned to normal.Soy fell in the main soy-exporting port of Rosario to trade at 530 pesosper tonne ($168), from 540 pesos per tonne on Feb. 28, the last session inwhich the oilseed traded."Even though we predicted a big drop in price, that didn't happenbecause there is still very strong demand for beans," said a trader inRosario, where 20,000 tonnes of the oilseed sold."It is very clear that some crushers are in great need, so they wereunable to push the price down further," he said.Corn fell 15 pesos in Rosario to close at 520 pesos per tonne and thegrain traded at 230 pesos in Bahia Blanca."The market fell a lot, especially corn, because of the number oftrucks that delivered during last week and the big supplies," said thetrader.Some 60,000 tonnes of the grain were sold in Rosario, said the trader,who estimated that was the highest sales figure since the harvest began.Wheat traded 10 pesos lower at 350 pesos per tonne in Rosario andchanged hands at between 360 and 370 pesos in Bahia Blanca and Quequen.Mills in Buenos Aires paid 380 to 395 pesos for the grain.Sunflower seeds fell 15 to 25 pesos in Rosario to trade at 480 to 490pesos per tonne, while the oilseed traded at 480 pesos in Bahia Blanca.The groups that organized last week's protest want lower income taxrates, changes in the way value-added taxes are charged and want thegovernment to refund grain firms taxes paid locally on business doneabroad.Farmers and exporters are due to meet later this week to decide on anew course of action since they have not received any signal from thegovernment that it would meet their demands.The parties have not yet set a date for the meeting, said AlbertoRodriguez, a representative of the Argentine Chamber of Vegetable OilIndustries, which represents firms like Cargill Inc. and Bunge Ltd.
26714. 11/03/2003
MultOil combines health benefits with functionality for a wide range ofapplications such as oils, spreads, mayonnaise and salad dressing. MultOilis a family of multi-functional oils, based on natural oils enriched withphytosterols and DAG to synergistically reduce the risk for CHD. It is acombination of 25% phytosterol-ester (PS-E) and 15% diglycerides (DAG).PS-E and DAG are widely known to reduce the risk for coronary heartdisease. The FDA has recognized them as GRAS, and most importantly,products containing PS-E are allowed to be label as reducing the risk forcoronary heart disease.
26715. 11/03/2003
NEW DELHI, March 10 (Reuters) - India's oilseeds output in the 2002/03(November-October) crop season is forecast at 16.13 million tonnes,sharply lower from last year's 20.24 million, due to the lack of monsoonrains, a trade body said on Monday.Summer oilseeds output is expected to fall to 7.26 million tonnes from7.94 million tonnes a year earlier, the Central Organisation for OilIndustry and Trade (COOIT) said in a statement.COOIT also lowered its earlier forecast on output from the winter crop,which is harvested in October and November, to 8.87 million tonnes from9.67 million tonnes. The country produced 12.3 million tonnes in thewinter season last year.The summer crop is sown in November-December and harvested inMarch-April.India's four-month monsoon rains arrived in the southern coast on timein June, but the crucial month of July was dry in most oilseed-growingregions.
26716. 11/03/2003
NEW DELHI, March 10 (Reuters) - A leading Indian edible oil trade body hasestimated the country's domestic availability of vegetable oil in 2002/03(Nov-Oct) at 4.8 million tonnes compared with 6.0 million tonnes lastyear.The Central Organisation for Oil Industry and Trade (COOIT) said theshortfall of 1.2 million tonnes was unlikely to lead to a similar jump inimports."The imports are going to be in the range of 4.4 to 4.6 milliontonnes," COOIT Chairman Sandeep Bajoria told Reuters.India, the world's largest importer of edible oils, bought 4.4 milliontonnes last year.It buys palm oils from countries like Malaysia and Indonesia and soyoil from Argentina, Brazil and the United States.
26717. 11/03/2003
WASHINGTON, March 7 (Reuters) - The strong disagreement between theUnited States and two leading members of the European Union over apossible war in Iraq could damage efforts to reach a new world tradeagreement, analysts said on Friday."Certainly it doesn't make it easy to concentrate minds on tradenegotiations," Hugo Paemen, former EU ambassador to the United States,told Reuters. "It's not the right atmosphere."But Paemen said negotiations on the Doha Development Agenda were introuble even without strained relations over France and Germany'sopposition to a U.S.-led attack on Iraq.Missed negotiating deadlines continue to pile up, setting the stage fora "quite messy" World Trade Organization meeting in September in Cancun,Mexico, when countries are to begin a 15-month push to finish the talks,he said.Susan Esserman, a former deputy U.S. trade representative, saidgeopolitical tensions made negotiations more complicated, even thoughcommercial interests are the driving force behind trade agreements."It's impossible to completely separate the trade issues from theforeign policy issues," Esserman said. "That's because ultimately you needpolitical will to reach a consensus and that does depend on continuinggood will among countries."The outpouring of sympathy for the United States after the Sept. 11,2001, attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon created anatmosphere of cooperation that helped launch the world trade talks inDoha, Qatar two months later, she said.In the same way, tensions over Iraq could make it harder to reach aagreement.During a visit to Washington this week, EU Trade Commissioner PascalLamy said he will not let the Iraq situation "contaminate" the EU's tradeand investment relationship with the United States."Trade is one area where the European Union has a single policy and Ithink we have to build on that," he said.U.S. Trade Representative Robert Zoellick worked this week not to let adispute over the EU's moratorium on approval of new biotech food productsadd to the tensions.Rather than launch a complaint at the WTO, as many lawmakers demanded,Zoellick said he wanted to build a coalition of nations to join with theUnited States in protesting the EU's policies against genetically modifiedfoods.
26718. 11/03/2003
KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 10 (Bernama) -- Malaysian exporters are now able to sellto Russian buyers on credit terms, said Bank Industri and TeknologiMalaysia Bhd.In a statement released Monday, it said that an agreement was signedbetween Malaysia Export Credit Insurance Bhd (MECIB) and Ingosstrakh JointStock Insurance Company (Ingosstrakh) of the Russian Federation.Following the agreement, it said, the trade arrangements were reciprocalin nature with each party supporting trade between the two countries byproviding Export Credit Insurance and Guaranteed facilities to exportersand banks.The pact is expected to generate more trade, enhance bilateral ties andgreatly facilitate exchange of information.Currently, Malaysia exports among other things palm oil, rubber andfurniture.The total trade between Malaysia and Russia stood at RM1.3 billion(USD354.0 million) last year. -- BERNAMA
26719. 11/03/2003
10/3/03 (OIL WORLD)
26720. 05/03/2003
NEW DELHI, Feb. 27 (Business Line) -MALAYSIANS better watch out. TheIndian Government seems pretty serious about promoting oil palmcultivation to reduce its dependence on import of edible oils.
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