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26751. 29/09/2005
26/09/05 PETALING JAYA, (Bernama) -- The Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB)Monday launched the Test Method Book and the compilation of the serialPalm Oil Congress 2005 proceedings from 1987 and 2003 in compact discformat.
26752. 29/09/2005
26/09/05 PETALING JAYA, (Bernama) -- The Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB)will invest RM60 million on three bio-diesel plants, with an annualcapacity of 60,000 tonnes each, its director general Tan Sri Dr YusofBasiron said.
26753. 29/09/2005
PETALING JAYA, Sept 28 (Bernama) -- Plywood made from oil palm trunks caneasily be marketed in the United States, United Kingdom and Japan due toits environment-friendliness, lightness and easy to work with concept thatthe commodity carries.
26754. 29/09/2005
28/09/05 PETALING JAYA, (Bernama) -- Biodiesel based on palm oil wouldhave higher chances of survival under certain conditions compared withbiodiesel based on canola oil or rapeseed, a consultant from Germany,Wolgang Rupilius said Wednesday.
26755. 29/09/2005
27/09/05 (NSTP) - The first evidence that palm tocotrienol, an extractfrom palm oil, may protect against stroke injury of the brain was revealedtoday.
26756. 29/09/2005
26/09/05 PETALING JAYA, (Bernama) -- Minister of Plantation Industries andCommodities, Datuk Peter Chin Fah Kui said the palm oil industry shouldnot depend on a pegged currency as a way to maximise profit.
26757. 29/09/2005
28/09/05 PETALING JAYA, (Bernama) -- Palm oil plantation companies willinvest a significant amount of funds in new projects to utilise biomass incoming years, according to Golden Hope Plantations Bhd.
26758. 29/09/2005
28/09/05 KARACHI ( Daily Times) - Imports of palm olien are likely toincrease by 15 percent due to lower than expected yield of cottonseed inthe country and a surge in the prices of all sorts of oils world over,millers and traders said on Monday.
26759. 29/09/2005
27/09/05 PETALING JAYA, (Bernama) -- The first evidence that palmtocotrienol, an extract from palm oil may protect against stroke injury ofbrain, was revealed at the International Palm Oil Congress (PIPOC) byVitamin E researcher, Professor Chandan K Sen.
26760. 29/09/2005
27/09/05 PETALING JAYA, (Bernama) -- The popularity of palm oil is soaringin the United States market, thanks to concerns over trans fatty acids,which are mainly seen in partial hydrogenation liquid oils such assoyabean, rapeseed and sunflower oils, and compulsory labelling beginningJan 1, 2006.
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