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26801. 22/09/2005
21/9//2005 NEW YORK (Bernama) -- There are greater opportunities forpalm oil (including in partnership with other oils) as one of thereplacement oils for partially hydrogenated oils following the currentattention on trans fatty acids and the pending US Food and DrugAdministration's (FDA) trans fatty acids rule, says Datuk Haron Siraj,chief executive officer of the Malaysian Palm Oil Promotion Council(MPOPC).
26802. 22/09/2005
17/09/05 BANGI, (Bernama) -- Higher crude oil prices may not be all thatbad, considering that they serve as a double blessing for Malaysia's"golden crop" of crude palm oil (CPO).
26803. 22/09/2005
21/09/05 NEW DELHI (Dow Jones)--The recent decision by India toeffectively reduce edible oil import duties by lowering government-setbase prices will lead to a surge in imports in the coming months andlikely keep domestic prices under pressure for several months, analystssaid Wednesday.
26804. 22/09/2005
21/09/05 JAKARTA (Daily Times) - Indonesia is poised to export more palmoil to neighbouring India, the world’s largest edible oil consumer,following its move in cutting base import prices, an industry officialsaid on Tuesday.
26805. 22/09/2005
20/9//2005 (Chemical Business News) - The director-general (DG) of theMalaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) has reported that MPOB will be invitingtenders in Oct 2005 to build a new bio-diesel plant. The new plant, withan initial production capacity of about 60,000 tonnes/y, is to be situatedin Pasir Gudang or Port Klang. The plant requiring an investment ofRinggit 40 M is likely to commence operations by 2006. It is to be jointlymanaged by MPOB and another partner. The major output of the new plantwill be exported to Europe. MPOB plans to use crude palm oil as rawmaterial for the production of bio-diesel and price the bio-diesel atabout $40-50/tonne. About 10 companies so far have evinced interest inoperating the plant.
26806. 22/09/2005
20/09/05 (The Jakarta Post, Jakarta) - The average price of Crude Palm Oil(CPO) next year is expected to stay at US$360 per ton due to higher globaldemand. CPO is seen to be healthier than other edible oils and is neededfor biodiesel as an alternative to fossil fuel, local association said.
26807. 19/09/2005
17/09/05 BANGI, (Bernama) -- Favourable weather coupled with improvedyields and increased areas of matured palms are likely to see a bumpercrop for crude palm oil (CPO) in Malaysia this year to 15.3 million tonnesfrom 13.98 million in 2004.
26808. 19/09/2005
15/09/05 BEIJING (Asia Pulse) - Though edible oil prices stopped fallingand even rebounded slightly thanks to increasing holiday consumption,China's edible oil market as a whole was still in a weak mood in Augustthis year.
26809. 19/09/2005
17/09/05 MIRI, (Bernama) -- Palm oil biofuel should be considered as analternative to fossil fuels to help alleviate hardships faced by ruralpeople, especially in the remote areas of Sarawak in the face of everincreasing price of petrol and diesel, Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul TaibMahmud said Saturday.
26810. 19/09/2005
17/09/05 NEW YORK, (Bernama) -- There are greater opportunities for palmoil (including in partnership with other oils) as one of the replacementoils for partially hydrogenated oils following the current attention ontrans fatty acids and the pending US Food and Drug Administration's (FDA)trans fatty acids rule, says Datuk Haron Siraj, chief executive officer ofthe Malaysian Palm Oil Promotion Council (MPOPC).
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