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26841. 16/04/2004
15 April, 2003 - PRICES of crude palm oil futures (CPO) are expected toaverage RM1,500 a tonne next year as a result of the continuous squeeze inglobal supplies of edible oils and fats.
26842. 16/04/2004
Thursday April 15, 07:39 PM - SAMPIT, C Kalimantan, April 15 Asia Pulse- As many as 10 new investors have expressed readiness to deal withbusinesses in the plantation sector in East Kotawaringin district inIndonesia's Central Kalimantan province to replace the 13 privateplantation companies whose licenses have expired since 2003.
26843. 16/04/2004
14 April, 2004 - MALAYSIA’S palm kernel cake industry received anotherboost with the invention of a machine that improves the quality of thepalm oil by-products and hence, improved demands.
26844. 16/04/2004
........This report exposes the continuing failure of successive UKGovernments and companies to address the issue. Today areas of forestsgreater than the size of Wales are being lost every year in many countriesnot just in Latin America but also in South East Asia and Africa. The rateof loss in Indonesia, for example, is actually accelerating. Theinternational trade in palm oil is driving forest clearance as well asbeing a cause of human rights abuses on a massive scale.UK consumers will be shocked to learn that they are playing an unwittingpart in the continuing destruction of the tropical rainforest not justthrough purchasing timber and paper products but through a wide variety ofeveryday items in their shopping bag. Chocolate, crisps, detergents,toothpastes and shampoo all are tainted with the damaging environmentaland social impacts of palm oil. This hidden ingredient imported frommonoculture plantations of South East Asia is found in more than 10 percent of all products on the supermarket shelves.
26845. 13/04/2004
KARACHI (February 06 2004): The entire ghee industry in Pakistan has beenparalysed reportedly by heavy burden of duty structure imposed by thegovernment which is almost 75 percent of the C&F value.
26846. 13/04/2004
JAKARTA, April 12 Asia Pulse - Indonesia's share of the Chinese marketfell to 1.09 per cent in January 2004 from 1.13 per cent in the same monthlast year, but the bilateral trade was still in favor of Indonesia.
26847. 13/04/2004
KARACHI (April 01 2004): Pakistan's palm oil prices were stable over thepast week on ample stocks, and no major import orders were expected in thenear term as world prices remained high, dealers said on Wednesday.
26848. 13/04/2004
Chemical Week - 03/31/04 : Procter & Gamble (P&G) Chemicals and Kaneka(Osaka) says they have finalized a joint agreement to commercialize NodaxH, a biodegradable polyhydroxyalkanoate plastic for use in fiber,nonwoven, and packaging applications (CW, June 25, 2003, p. 26). Kanekaholds composition of matter and processing patents for the material, poly(3-hydroyxbutyrate.co.3-hydroxyhexanoate) (PHBH). P&G holds patentscovering processing and applications.
26849. 13/04/2004
04/11/04 : The Agriculture and Cooperatives Ministry plans to make Krabiprovince a centre for palm oil production under a 25-year plan.
26850. 12/04/2004
15/4/04 - Though the Director General of Shipping has defined crude andproduct tankers for the purpose of applying the age norms, it has heldthat product tankers even if they carry edible oils will be banned if theydo not conform to the guidelines.
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