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27741. 09/07/2004
BEIJING (Dow Jones) - Quarantine officers in China have seized a more than57,000 metric-ton shipment of soybeans imported from the U.S., claimingthe crops are contaminated, state media reported Thursday. The seizure anddestruction of the imported soybeans in the southern city of Guangzhoufollows recent bans on South American shipments due to concerns aboutcontamination. The U.S. soybeans are infested with phytophthora sojae, anorganism responsible for soy rot, the official Xinhua News Agencyreported, citing unnamed sources with the Guangzhou Inspection andQuarantine Bureau. Soy rot is estimated to cause at least $100 million indamages to soybean crops in the U.S. each year, the report said. This isthe fifth cargo infested with the organism detected this year in thesouthern port city. Chinese quarantine authorities this year banned 23international suppliers from supplying Brazilian soybeans, after findingfungicide-tainted seeds in the cargoes they supplied. That ban was liftedon June 30.
27742. 09/07/2004
9 July 2004 - MALAYSIA exported 4.64 million tonnes of crude palm oil(CPO) valued at RM9.28 billion between January and May this year.
27743. 09/07/2004
KARACHI, July 8 Asia Pulse - Pakistan's food import bill this year islikely to be close to US$1.5 billion due to the import programme of onemillion tonnes of wheat, an increase in shipment of tea, spices, dryfruits and other edible items through formal import channels, and higherinternational prices of palm oil and pulses.
27744. 09/07/2004
Kuala Lumpur, July 7 (Dow Jones) - At odds for years over environmentalissues, palm oil industry players and conservation groups have joinedhands to set standards that will dictate future production and usage ofthe commodity.Teoh Cheng Hai, secretary general of the newly formed Roundtable OnSustainable Palm Oil, or RSPO, said that in recent years, the palm oilsector has been increasingly linked to global concerns about deforestationand loss of biodiversity.In what the industry is touting as a breakthrough, major palm oilplayers and non-governmental organizations agreed late last year to putaside their differences and work together.The co-operation has yielded the RSPO, an association set up in Aprilto lead the combined efforts to promote sustainable, environmentallyfriendly development of the palm oil industry."The logic of (sustainable, environmentally friendly development ofthe industry) is slowly filtering through. We hope that with thisplatform, people can see eye-to-eye on this issue," Teoh said in aninterview."Previously, the industry and the NGOs were not talking. At least now,they are talking."The RSPO, established under Swiss law but with its secretariat in theMalaysian capital, will have members representing all segments of the palmoil supply chain, including oil palm growers, processors and traders,consumer goods manufacturers, retailers, banks and environmental NGOs.A membership drive began this month, with 13 confirmed members so farand many other players expected to follow, Teoh said. Founding members ofthe RSPO include major names such as Aarhus United UK Ltd., Unilever NV,Karlshamns AB, the Worldwide Fund for Nature, or WWF, and the MalaysianPalm Oil Association.
27745. 09/07/2004
Manila, July 8 (Dow Jones) - Philippine coconut oil exports in Junereached only 50,054 metric tons, down 41% from month-ago levels onprevailing tightness in copra supply, the United Coconut Association ofthe Philippines said Thursday. One trader said there was little tradingactivity in the month of June, due mainly to scarce export supply."Only few buyers and sellers were out in the market last month," hesaid.The export volume in July is expected to improve with an expected risein copra supply in the third quarter of the year, the trader said."We expect (copra) supply to improve by the end of July, so we mightsee a higher export volume for the month," the trader added. Copra is thedried coconut meat from which coconut oil is extracted.Copra production this year is projected to reach only 2.4 milliontons, down from last year's copra output estimate of 2.5 million tons. Theprojected lower copra output this year is attributed to the biologicalstress of coconut trees following several years of bountiful harvests.
27746. 07/07/2004
WASHINGTON, July 2 -- The CITAC/ASDA Shrimp Task Force announced todaythat the American Soybean Association (ASA) has joined the Shrimp TaskForce to safeguard U.S. soy exports threatened by the shrimp trade case.The ASA is a membership-driven policy organization representing 25,000soybean farmers across the United States.
27747. 07/07/2004
TAIPEI, July 6 (Bernama) -- International Trade and Industry MinisterDatuk Seri Rafidah Aziz said that Malaysia has asked Taiwan to reduce the20 percent import duty on oil palm fibre which is used for orchid growingin the island state.
27748. 07/07/2004
1/7/2004 Bangkok Post - Strategic plans to develop the palm oil industryhave been drafted to increase the plantation area by at least 400,000 raia year over the next 25 years.
27749. 07/07/2004
7/6/2004 BUSINESSWORLD (PHILIPPINES) - The government's push to developthe local palm oil sector should not be seen as a threat to the coconutindustry, an agriculture expert said.
27750. 06/07/2004
NEW DELHI, July 1 (Bernama) -- India would keep the interest of its oilindustry and oilseeds farmers in mind when signing the Free TradeAgreement with Thailand.
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