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27841. 24/11/2004
WASHINGTON, Nov. 22, 2004 - The U.S. Department of Agriculture todayreleased its revised quarterly forecast of U.S. agricultural export salesfor fiscal year 2005. Sales are forecast to be $56 billion, down from therecord of $62.3 billion set in FY 2004. The drop in export sales is mostlydue to record U.S. crop production, which mean lower prices for grains,oilseeds and cotton, and increased foreign competition due to largersupplies all around the globe.
27842. 24/11/2004
Nov 23 7:11 AM., USA- Marketers of full complex vitamin E supplementscould turn the latest review on the vitamin to their advantage, despiteits dramatic conclusions widely reported in consumer press.
27843. 23/11/2004
BUENOS AIRES, Nov 19, 2004 (ODJ)-- Argentine trade officials will meetwith their Chinese counterparts in Beijing next month to discuss possiblechanges in the way China regulates soyoil imports, an Argentine officialfamiliar with the issue said Thursday.
27844. 23/11/2004
11/15/2004 The Corn and Soybean Digest - As South American farmers beginplanting, both Brazil and Argentina plan to have laws in place to provideincentives for the production of biodiesel.
27845. 23/11/2004
11/10/2004 (IPS News) RIO DE JANEIRO -- Rising oil prices and the upcomingimplementation of the Kyoto Protocol on greenhouse gases, following therecent ratification by Russia, are accelerating the process of turningBrazil into a world leader in "bio-energy".
27846. 23/11/2004
Tuesday November 23, 2004 - What Malaysian plantation owners usually throwaway contains something tasty, nutritious and valuable, EMMELINE TANdiscovers.
27847. 23/11/2004
11/10/2004 (Asia Pulse) KORONADAL CITY - A militant farmers group hereexpressed opposition to the planned expansion of palm oil plantations inSouth Cotabato, noting such endeavor would result to "massive land andcrop conversions in the area."
27848. 23/11/2004
Tuesday November 23, 2004 - THE US Department of Agriculture'sconfirmation that major soybean producing areas in the United States havebeen affected by the Asian soybean rust fungus could drive crude palm oil(CPO) prices forward, especially next year.
27849. 23/11/2004
Tuesday, November 23 2004 - PLANTATION company Kuala Lumpur Kepong Bhd(KL Kepong) is acquiring a 75 per cent stake in PT Hutan Hijau Mas (PTHHM)in a move to increase its oil palm plantation area.
27850. 23/11/2004
Monday, November 22 - 2004 at 15:57 - The habitats of several worldspecies are being devastated by agriculture. For example, palm oil posesthe biggest threat to endangered large mammals. Asian elephant, Sumatranrhinoceros, orangutan and tiger populations are declining because palm oilplantations are encroaching on their habitats.
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