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28831. 09/04/2003
KUALA LUMPUR, April 8 (Reuters) - Malaysian palm oil flew deep intonegative territory on Tuesday as players disagreed over the potential forthe market's exports under Iraq's food-for-oil programme, which bolsteredprices just a day ago.Talk on Monday that palm oil may benefit immensely from a race to getedible oil supplies into Iraq saw palm oil's key June contract surging 28ringgit and other futures contracts posting double-digit gains.But disagreement on Tuesday on what exactly the United Nationsprogramme meant for palm oil sales hammered the June contract down by 36ringgit to a close of 1,444 ($380) a tonne."If you ask me, people are just confused," said a trader. "It doesn'tmake sense for a market to go up so much a day before and fall this much aday later."Several palm oil traders told Reuters over the weekend that more than400,000 tonnes of palm-based vegetable ghee and 100,000 tonnes of palm oilwere poised to enter Iraq before May 12 as stipulated by a U.N. SecurityCouncil resolution.Others disputed the volume, saying Iraq's annual demand of vegetableghee was only 360,000 tonnes. "We are thus wondering how they could takeso much within the next few weeks," said one.But dealers specialising in sales to the Middle East said an untoldnumber of shipments to Iraq contracted by the United Nations had yet to bedelivered over the 12 years that Baghdad has been under sanctions.They said the world body was anxious now to get those contractsunderway."We know of contracts that were not honoured because prices weren'tright. Those deals may have to be renegotiated at today's prices," said anexport official at an oils brokerage in Kuala Lumpur that deals mainlywith the Gulf.A check on U.N.'s food-for-oil website,http://www.un.org/Depts/oip/index.html, on Tuesday indicated 13shipments of vegetable ghee already underway to Iraq, 44 similar contractsapproved under a priority list and 86 awaiting voyage.But tonnages for contracts were not specified. In physical trade ofcrude palm oil (CPO), contracts forApril and May saw sale offers close at 1,485 ringgit a tonne -- down 25ringgit from Monday -- against bids at 1,475 in both the southern andcentral regions.Business was only reported at 1,500-1,480 in the south and 1,490-1,480in the central region.(US$1 = 3.8 ringgit) - Reuters
28832. 09/04/2003
MOSCOW (April 08 2003) : Russia's sunoil exports may exceed imports bysome 10,000 tonnes in the 2002-03 season due to higher output and stabledemand.
28833. 07/04/2003
FAISALABAD (April 06 2003) : Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) willauction 10,000 metric tonnes of soyabean oil imported from USA under 416(b) programmes
28834. 07/04/2003
SAO PAULO (April 05 2003) : Brazil's March soyabean exports rose 111percent to 1.31 million tonnes from the same month last year, the TradeMinistry's foreign trade secretariat (Secex) said Friday.
28835. 07/04/2003
KARACHI (April 07 2003) - Sindh Minister for Planning and Development SyedShoaib Ahmed Bukhari has instructed Department of Agriculture and Planning& Development that a master plan be prepared for the cultivation ofcoconut and oil palm in the coastal areas of Sindh so that valuableforeign exchange being spent on import of edible oils could be saved.
28836. 07/04/2003
NEW DELHI (April 05 2003) : India on Friday forecast a lower oilseeds andfood-grains output in 2002-03 after the country was hit by its worstdrought in 15 years following the failure of monsoon rains.
28837. 07/04/2003
JAKARTA (April 05 2003) : Indonesia's East Kalimantan province plans toplant one million hectares of palm oil near the border of rival producerMalaysia, a senior official from the ministry of Eastern Indonesiadevelopment said on Friday.
28838. 07/04/2003
3/4/03 (Southwest Farm Press) - Despite very tight stocks, robustprospects for use and exports, and an expected decline in U.S. plantingsthis year, soybean prices for 2003 are projected at $5.10 per bushel,"below what we would have expected based on historical data," says PeterRiley, agricultural economist for USDA's Farm Services Agency.
28839. 07/04/2003
KUALA LUMPUR (April 07 2003) : The United Nations has asked suppliers tosend more than half a million tonnes of edible oils to Iraq as part of theoil-for-food programme for the war-hit country as fears over widespreadhunger grew, palm oil traders said.
28840. 03/04/2003
Tuesday, April 01, 2003 (The star) - PRIMARY Industries Minister DatukSeri Dr Lim Keng Yaik has advised those in the palm oil industry tominimise risk by devoting 10% to 20% of their land to planting rubbertrees.He was quoted by China Press as saying that the cyclical pattern ofcommodity prices made it necessary for planters to spread the risk bygrowing several types of crops.He said he was disappointed that his earlier advice had not been heeded bythe industry and this had led to the wholesale conversion of the country’srubber estates into oil palm plantations, reported the daily.He reminded oil palm plantations of the painful experience two years agowhen palm oil prices fell to an all-time low.“Palm oil prices fell as low as RM700 a tonne before climbing to RM1,300last year and RM1,600 this year,” he said.According to Dr Lim, the country’s 3.6 million hectares of oil palmplantations provided 315,000 jobs and earned the country RM28.3bil.Sin Chew Daily carried an article on Works Minister Datuk Seri S. SamyVellu saying he had instructed PLUS to immediately call off an operationto flag down lorries suspected of not paying toll.Perak state executive councillor Datuk Ong Ka Chuan said Samy Vellu hadconveyed this instruction to the PLUS chairman at a highway upgradingproject ceremony in Lumut on Saturday, said the paper.Nanyang Siang Pau carried an article quoting MCA president Datuk Seri DrLing Liong Sik as saying that following the Perak government's show ofsupport for Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, another state had offered 810hato the university.Dr Ling did not name the state but said he would disclose the matter whendetails on the donation had been worked out, the daily said.He said in Sungai Siput on Sunday that Utar received overwhelming supportfrom the Chinese, Malay and Indian communities and the Government.He said the 525ha allocated by Perak for a premium of RM800,000, theRM50mil launching grant for the university approved by Prime MinisterDatuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad and the land offer by Johor were clearsigns of public support for the university.
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