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41. 16/01/2020
Trade tensions between India and Malaysia have aggravated with the Narendra Modi government’s latest move to restrict palm oil imports from the latter. Mint takes a look at the genesis of the problem and how this is likely to impact trade between the two countries.
42. 16/01/2020
Malaysia is intensifying efforts in promoting palm oil domestically and internationally, to ensure that the oil palm industry continues to become a major contributor to the national economy, Senator Alan Ling said.
43. 16/01/2020
After refined palm oil, the government is looking to further step up the heat on Malaysia with a plan to restrict the import of microprocessors amid indications that the trade dispute is unlikely to be sorted out soon as the Southeast Asian nation continues to rile India over Kashmir and the Citizenship (Amendment Act), reports Times of India.
44. 16/01/2020
Palm oil stockpiles in Indonesia probably dropped to the lowest in eight months in December after dry weather curbed production in the world’s largest grower.
45. 16/01/2020
The Malaysian Minister for Primary Industries Teresa KokSuhSim said that in Pakistan the demand for palm oil has increased at a rate of 4.5% every year for the past seven years.
46. 15/01/2020
The next big challenge for palm oil growers is to go beyond curbing deforestation and look at how they can slash planet-warming emissions throughout their supply chains, the outgoing head of the industry’s watchdog said on Tuesday.
47. 15/01/2020
INDIA had issued a notification on Jan 8 placing imports of “refined bleached deodorised palm oil” under its “restricted” list.
48. 15/01/2020
Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad says he will be firm in speaking out against India despite the country boycotting Malaysian palm oil.
49. 15/01/2020
Malaysian palm oil futures fell by their most in eight months on Tuesday after the country's prime minister defended his criticism of India even as it halted palm oil imports from the world's second-largest producer following a diplomatic spat.
50. 15/01/2020
At this point is probably more expedient to list all the things you can’t make out of coffee or its byproducts.
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