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 Philippine: NGOs Urge Review Of Palm Oil Industry

PUERTO PRINCESA CITY, Nov 3 (ANEX-PNA) -- Members of non-governmentorganizations (NGOs) have been calling for an intensive review on allaspects of the proposed palm oil industry, considered as one-priorityprojects for agriculture in Palawan.

NGOs raised this call during a forum on Palm Oil Industry held hererecently.

Cleofe Bernardino of Palawan NGO Network, Inc. (PNNI) said all aspectsshould be considered before the province embrace palm oil farming as analternative livelihood.

Meanwhile, Rodolfo Romasanta of Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) saidthat there was about 209,400 hectares of land allotted for palm oilfarming in the province.

Palawan Governor Joel T. Reyes said several palm oil case studies inIndonesia, Malaysia and Mindanao were presented which provided key playersin the industry better understanding of the good and bad effects of palmoil farming.