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 MPOA Supports Review Of Ban On Paraquat

KUALA LUMPUR, July 22 (Bernama) -- The Malaysian Palm Oil Association(MPOA) has written to the Ministry of Agriculture requesting that it beincluded as a committee member in the review of the ban on paraquat.

The Minister of Agriculture, Datuk Dr Mohd Effendi Norwawi had said in astatement released by MPOA Tuesday that an independent panel had been setup to review the decision to ban paraquat -- the herbicide used inplantation to kill grass and weeds.

The MPOA added that it fully supported the government's decision to reviewthe ban, which if implemented would cost the country a loss of RM2.73billion over 10 years.

According to MPOA a ban on paraquat would significantly reduce Malaysia'sability to compete in the international edible oil market.

MPOA has expressed that it was ready to actively participate in the reviewby sharing scientific findings and experiences gathered over many years.

MPOA emphasised that the credibility of the review would rely heavily onthe objectivity and transparency of the committee.

The decisions of the committee, MPOA said, must be based entirely on soundscience and facts.

"It should not be swayed by sentiment of those who are bent on condemningparaquat through unscientific studies that are based on conjectures andemotions," MPOA said.