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 Indonesia CPO producers forecast rising production

JAKARTA, Dec 11 (AFP) - The Indonesian Palm Oil Producers' Associationforecasts a rise of almost seven percent in domestic crude palm oilproduction next year and a slight increase in world prices, an industryexecutive said Wednesday.Association chairman Derom Bangun said he expects Indonesia's palm oilproduction in 2003 to rise by 6.7 percent to 9.6 million tonnes.He said exports next year are estimated to reach 6.1 million tonnescompared with 5.5 million tonnes this year.Bangun said many of the country's palm oil plantations are not yet fullyproductive because trees are not mature. But in 2005 the country couldreach production of 12 million tonnes a year.He gave no figure for the estimated rise in world prices.Malaysia, the top palm oil producer, is estimated to produce 11.8 milliontonnes this year and export 10 million tonnes of this.