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 Soy briefs: U.S. soymeal exports to EU jump 320%

USA, 11/12/2001 (Soyatech)

Record Soybean Meal Exports in 2001:Strengthened by an increase in U.S. soybean meal exports to the EuropeanUnion (EU), U.S. soybean farmers exported the third-highest amount ofsoybean meal in agricultural history during the 2000/01 marketing year,which concluded Sept. 30. U.S. soybean meal exports to the EU, thesecond-largest soybean-meal market region in the world behind NorthAmerica, jumped nearly 320 percent to the equivalent of 25.4 millionbushels in 2001, compared with just 7.9 million last year. Checkoff-fundedprograms in the EU and around the world, implemented by the AmericanSoybean Association, have been effective at building high-demand for thesuperior quality of high-protein U.S. soybean meal through livestock- andpoultry-feeding trials and technical assistance. Interview opportunityavailable with USB International Marketing Chair Jerry Slocum, a soybeanfarmer from Coldwater, Miss.

Annual meeting to mark start of Checkoff's Second Decade:Soybean farmer-leaders who direct the soybean checkoff will hold theirannual meeting in St. Louis Dec. 6-11. The 62-member board plans to launchits second decade of finding effective and efficient ways to provideprofit opportunities for U.S. soybean farmers. Secretary of AgricultureAnn Veneman has also been invited to participate in this year's meeting.The agenda for the meeting includes recognition of the soybean checkoff's10th anniversary, elections of the USB Executive Committee and theswearing in of new directors from Iowa, Neb., Wisc., Mich., Kan., La.,Ind., Tenn. and S.C. Eight directors, including four founding directors,will retire from the board in December.

Press Conference Introduces New Tool for U.S. Farmers:On Monday, Dec. 10, at 10:00 a.m. Central Standard Time (CST), newofficers of the United Soybean Board will hold a press conference toannounce the release of a new tool for U.S. farmers developed by thesoybean checkoff. The press conference, held during USB's annual meeting,will also introduce the newly elected USB Executive Committee and reviewcheckoff priorities and goals for FY 2002. The press conference will beheld at the Renaissance Hotel - St. Louis, 9801 Natural Bridge Rd., St.Louis, Mo. 63134. A limited number of complimentary hotel reservationswill be provided for individuals who would like to attend the pressconference in person. Media representatives who would like to participatein the press conference in person or via conference call should contactMichelle Hummel at Osborn & Barr Communications, 1-800-666-1765.

U.S. Soybeans are Cleaning Up:Soy, one of nature's most versatile, farmer-grown crops, can now be usedin household cleaners, cosmetics, soaps and lotions. The development ofthis new application for soy was made possible through investments of thesoybean checkoff. Different soy co-products are used in cleaners, soapsand cosmetics, ranging from soybean oil to soy protein to soy methylesters. These soy co-products offer environmental and user friendlinesswhile using a farmer-grown, renewable resource. They also help to reduceodors, which traditional products have tried to mask with fragrances.Soybean oil is a natural source of vitamin E and protein, which makes it alikely fit in the soaps and cosmetics industry. Soy-based soaps andcosmetics provide a unique product to consumers and industry at acompetitive price while providing extraordinary performance. Interviewopportunity available with USB New Uses Chair Mark Eck, a soybean farmerfrom Henderson, Md.