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 China raises Malaysian palm oil import quota to 2.

KUALA LUMPUR,11/05/2001 (AFX-ASIA) - China has agreed to raise the importquota of Malaysian palm oil to 2.80 mln tonnes from the current 1.50 mlnafter joining the World Trade Organisation, Chinese daily Nanyang SiangPau reported quoting deputy Minister of International Trade and IndustryKerk Choo Ting."WTO negotiations on import quotas of our palm oil have been concluded andChina will definitely raise the import of our palm oil within the next fewyear from current 1.50 mln tonnes to 2.80 mln tonnes," Kerk said at afunction of political party Gerakan.He added that Malaysia has already drawn up a new international marketingstrategy for palm oil and this will be announced by Primary IndustriesMinister Lim Keng Yaik in the near future.