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Mahamad Rodzi Abdul Ghani




Mahamad Rodzi Abdul Ghani





CPO Production In August Up 3.82 Pct To 1.319 Mill
KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 13 (Bernama) -- Malaysia's crude palm oil production(CPO) in August increased 3.82 percent to 1.319 million tonnes from 1.270million tonnes in July, due to strong rise in Sabah and Sarawak.

CPO production in Sabah rose 10.15 percent to 457,545 tonnes in Augustfrom 415,393 tonnes in July, while in Sarawak production was up 22.77percent to 111,848 tonnes from 91,100 tonnes.

However, in Peninsular Malaysia, the production dropped 1.88 percent to749,266 tonnes from 763,597 tonnes, Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) saidin a statement.

MPOB said the country's palm kernel production in August rose 2.51 percentto 336,017 tonnes from 327,794 tonnes.

The production of crude palm kernel oil increased 1.10 percent to 149,937tonnes from 148,311 tonnes and production of palm kernel cake rose 1.14percent to 172,711 tonnes from 170,770 tonnes, it said.

MPOB said total CPO stock in the country shrank 8.26 percent in August to613,034 tonnes from 668,202 tonnes in July.

It said CPO stock in Peninsular Malaysia dropped 23.55 percent to 250,025tonnes from 327,058 tonnes.

However, stock in Sabah rose 5.1 percent to 304,083 tonnes from 289,316tonnes and in Sarawak, stock was up 13.7 percent to 58,926 tonnes from51,828 tonnes.

The processed palm oil stock rose 3.22 percent to 643,484 tonnes from623,440 tonnes, it said.

It said total palm oil stock decreased to 1.257 million tonnes from 1.292million in the previous month.

Palm kernel stock rose 8.75 percent to 110,602 tonnes from 101,699 tonnesand stock for crude palm kernel oil rose 5.52 percent to 76,902 tonnesfrom 72,881 tonnes.

Stock for processed palm kernel oil in August rose 32.38 percent to 92,259tonnes from 69,692 tonnes in July, but the stock for palm kernel cakedropped 4.71 percent to 213,496 tonnes from 224,046 tonnes.

MPOB said export of palm oil in August rose 9.38 percent to 1.224 milliontonnes from 1.119 million tonnes.

It said export of palm kernel oil rose 13.83 percent to 62,987 tonnes inAugust from 55,335 tonnes in July, while export of palm kernel cake soared92.46 percent to 163,042 tonnes from 84,716 tonnes.

It said import of CPO in August dropped 54.20 percent to 30,821 tonnesfrom 67,294 tonnes in July, while import of processed palm oil was at6,907 tonnes in July.