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Mahamad Rodzi Abdul Ghani




Mahamad Rodzi Abdul Ghani





Felda Restructure To Bring More Income To Settlers
JELI, Dec 24 (Bernama) -- The Felda management will be revamped next yearto enhance the federal agency's role in increasing the incomes of the103,000 settlers in the country.Felda chairman Tan Sri Dr Yusuf Nor said Tuesday that the revamp wouldinvolve 275 land schemes to ensure a higher standard of living for thesettlers, especially when the market price of palm oil, which most of themcultivate, falls.

The changes included developing tourist spots within and outside theschemes and separating the administration of rubber smallholders, he toldreporters after a Hari Raya gathering in Felda Kemahang 2, here, attendedby some 800 settlers.

Dr Yusuf said several potential tourist spots including the Felda hotspring in Sungai Klah, Perak, had been identified for development while acave if Pahang was being studied.

The settlers could augment their incomes by selling fruits to tourists whovisited these places, he said.

He said the operations of the 72 Felda palm oil factories nationwide wouldalso be maximised to meet the expected increase in demand from China,Pakistan and India and a more organised oil palm fruit collection and salesystem would be devised to prevent problems and waste of time for thesettlers.

For the management of rubber smallholders, a special division would be setup to handle matters relating to the rubber trees, cultivation and fellingof old trees.

A rubberwood furniture industry would also be created to supplement theincomes of the smallholders if the price of rubber fell to its lowestlevel, he said.

Dr Yusuf said there would be several vacancies for top posts following therevamp and these would be filled by experienced people. -- BERNAMA