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Mohd Nasir Ismail


The Star



Greentech Signs Four MoUs to Promote Greener Malaysia
12/10/2017 (The Star) - Malaysian Green Technology Corp (Greentech Malaysia) has entered into four separate memorandums of understanding (MoUs) to consolidate efforts and initiatives towards low carbon mobility and a greener palm oil industry in Malaysia.

The MoUs were signed at the 8th International Greentech & Eco Products Exhibition and Conference Malaysia 2017, in line with the 11th Malaysia Plan’s strategic directive of catalysing green growth in Malaysia.

The MoU inked between Greentech Malaysia and the Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI) signifies more cross-ministerial collaboration, especially in high value technology areas like low carbon mobility information and research exchange, joint intentions in public awareness and outreach, as well as the adaptation of green manufacturing and production certification for both vendors and original equipment manufacturers.

MAI CEO Datuk Madani Sahari said there was commonality in MAI and Greentech Malaysia’s goals, knowledge, and resource pool, despite their respective specialisations.

“This MoU is a great example of collaboration and reduced duplication of limited resources towards the pursuit of greater technology penetration in our ecosystem,” he said.

MAI, responsible for the development of the auto industry, is an agency under the purview of the International Trade & Industry Ministry.

MAI has continuously pushed forward Malaysia’s drive to become a regional energy efficient vehicle (EEV) hub, which includes the manufacturing and aftersales development for vehicles with efficient internal combustion engines, hybrid technology, as well as alternative powertrains like battery or fuel cell electric vehicles (EVs and FCVs).

Meanwhile, Greentech Malaysia is an organisation under the Energy, Green Technology, and Water Ministry tasked to increase the penetration of green technology within Malaysia, championing electric vehicle rollout initiatives.

Under the collaboration between Greentech Malaysia and Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), both parties will establish a satellite research laboratory in USM as well as work towards low carbon campus mobility. The USM satellite lab will be the first among a series of Greentech-established research labs, with a research focus on green intelligent buildings.

The MoU with Universiti Tenaga Nasional will see the adoption of the Low Carbon Cities Framework and Assessment System (LCCF).

The LCCF is a phased approach that determines a carbon baseline and introduces a carbon reduction blueprint within local authorities, developments, and university campuses.

Greentech also entered into a collaborative partnership with Singapore-based eBio Advanced Technology Pte Ltd and Fraunhofer IVV to develop novel products from vegetable oil.