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Nur Aisha Abd. Wahab


The Star Online



Market players show support for palm oil industry

The Star Online (28/01/2019) - AS THE local palm oil industry fights to counter the negative narrative about the product, players from other sectors are joining in the call to support its growth.

One of them is the property arm of Chin Hin Group Bhd, Chin Hin Property Development, that is prepared to include messages that would hopefully get Malaysians to support the palm oil industry.

Group Managing director Chiau Haw Choon said the messages will be included in its promotional material as a way to support the Government’s “Love my Palm Oil” campaign.

“We plan to put this on our billboards, similar to ones we have on our development near the KL-Seremban Highway,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Primary Industries Ministry hopes to get more businesses on board its “Love My Palm Oil” campaign to further strengthen support for the country’s palm oil industry.

Its minister Teresa Kok said she wants to see corporate players such as banks and property developers rally behind the campaign to muffle outside voices that put the palm oil sector in a bad light.

“I’m very happy that developers have answered the call to include the ‘Love My Palm Oil’ messaging in their promotion campaigns,” she said.

She said the supposed bad-press about palm oil has even influenced Malaysians and made them blind to the qualities of the commodity and what it brings to the nation.

“We need to educate our own people to appreciate our own commodity and our own product,” she said.

Kok said there have been ridiculous accusations thrown against the industry.

Among them include accusations that palm oil plantations led to deforestation which resulted in the displacement of endangered animals such as the orang utan.

Kok rubbished such accusations when attending the Chin Hin Property Development Chinese New Year Open House saying that 52% of the country’s land is still forest grounds.

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