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Siti Safura Masiron


Free Malaysia Today



Chong Wei’s star turn as new champion of palm oil

31.08.2019 (Free Malaysia Today) - PETALING JAYA: Former badminton champion Lee Chong Wei has taken on a new challenge by taking a star turn in a promotional video for Malaysian palm oil as the industry attempts to overcome resistance from the European Union.

In the 57-second video, Lee speaks in Mandarin, with titles overlaid in Bahasa Malaysia. He notes that the country is the world’s second-biggest exporter of palm oil.

The industry provides job opportunities for over 500,000 Malaysians, and is a source of income for families and allows them to send their children to further their studies, he says.

“Millions of Malaysians depend on the palm oil industry. Palm oil is a national treasure and our pride,” he says in the video which is part of the Love MY Palm Oil campaign.

The video comes two days after it was reported that Malaysia was going on the offensive to inform the European Union about its palm oil policy, and also prevent the EU from taking what is being portrayed as a “propensity towards protectionism”.

Plans by the EU to phase out the use of palm oil as bio-fuel by 2030 has created a challenge for Indonesia and Malaysia, the two biggest producers.

Detractors have previously criticised the industry for the environmental damage it causes, especially deforestation. Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad has however dismissed such claims as “baseless, unfair and unjustified”.