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Siti Safura Masiron


Malay Mail



Buy and promote Malaysians products regardless of races will empower economic growth — Ahmad Shahir Abdul Aziz

02.09.2019 (Malay Mail) - SEPTEMBER 2 — I refer to a movement by groups urging people to boycott certain products due to their producers being of a different race or religion.

This movement has attracted the attention of political leaders, so much so that the prime minister was compelled to comment on it, saying such a movement would not improve any situation but only create anger.

Perhaps in certain cases, such a movement might be suitable to protect our interests but there must be concrete reasons and justifications behind it. As such, when certain countries start boycotting our palm oil products by imposing sanctions for imports, we are justified in imposing retaliatory action to safeguard our national interest.

However, if this movement is being justified based on different political ideologies, skin colour and belief, then it is nonsense, especially after the country has celeberated its 62 years of independence. Instead, they should encourage people prioritise buying halal and toyyiba (good) products without looking at race or religion.

Furthermore, if we look at it from an economic standpoint, the movement to boycott some of our local and “Made in Malaysia” products will adversely affect it. This is because the production line requires long supply chains, from extracting raw materials, to the mixing process to packaging. It involves so much manpower, from all races, and provides local sourcing activity, such as the supply of raw material, machinery and equipment, and other indirect jobs and contracts for locals.

From this standpoint, those groups should review their movement as it will not improve economic growth or interracial relationships.

The truth is, we are Malaysian, and we stand together as one to live together in a spirit of concord and solidarity.

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