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Mahamad Rodzi Abdul Ghani




Mahamad Rodzi Abdul Ghani





Ecofuture To Commercialize EFB Based Products
KUALA LUMPUR, May 30 (Bernama) -- Ecofuture Bhd a company which isinvolved in oil palm biomass, milling and sale of crude palm oil andkernel will focus on developing its products by using the empty fruitbunches (EFB).

EFBs can be processed and recycled into value-added biodegradable productssuch as ECOFIBRE, ECOMAT and ECOPAK.

Managing director Yeo Kim Luang said that the company was on track tocommercialize the EFBs products.

She said at the moment China was the major importers for its productswhich represented 50 percent of the total production.

"Besides China, we want to introduce the EFBs products to other countrieshopefully by the end of this year," she told reporters after the company'sannual general meeting.

Yeo said besides China two other countries in the Middle East, Kuwait andLebanon, had shown interest in the ECOMAT.

"We are currently undertaking a trial desert and storm control project inthe outskirts of Beijing, China to assess the effectiveness of ECOMAT."

"We believe that there is huge potential and opportunity to market ECOMATin sandy, barren and dusty environment and apart from this infrastructureand construction sectors will benefit from the application of ECOMAT," Yeosaid.

Ecofuture is looking to appoint dealers in the Middle East, Taiwan, HongKong, Japan and Singapore to market its products.

"The diversification in the use of ECOMAT in terrain management has openedup a new and larger market. ECOMAT also currently enjoys pioneer statusand has no direct competition and the group consistently puts forthresearch into exploring EFB as raw material for other potential products,"Yeo said.

The development of ECOPACK has enabled the group to reach out to the massconsumer market for disposable food packaging and to the general productpackaging market, whilst ECOPULP has paved the road into the pulp andpaper industry.

"Currently the production of the ECOPACK is 200,000 pieces a day," shesaid. Ecofuture Bhd is principally an investment holding company whilstits main activities are distributed through its subsidiary companiesmainly Ecofibre Technology Sdn Bhd (ETSB), Ecologico Packaging Sdn Bhd(ELPSB), Interactive Star Sdn Bhd (ISSB) and Stable-Win Sdn Bhd (SWSB).