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Mahamad Rodzi Abdul Ghani




Mahamad Rodzi Abdul Ghani





Elite Jaya Introduces Fuel Additive From Palm Oil
KUALA LUMPUR, April 28 (Bernama) -- In a move to prevent environmentalpollution due to heavy emissions from vehicles exhaust and industrialchimneys, Elite Jaya Synergy Sdn Bhd has developed "X-Cel Power", abiodegradable fuel additive derived from palm oil.

"X-Cel Power is the first fuel additive to be manufactured using palm oiland has an advantage of better performance and is cleaner compared totoday's fuel additives, which are petro-chemical based," Elite Jaya'sgroup managing director, Ir. Mohd Satimin Ismail said at the launch ofX-Cel Power, here Thursday.

The company also signed a sponsorship agreement worth RM80,000 with MusMotor Racing Team (MMRW) to sponsor MMRW's participation at this season'sPetronas Sprinta AAM Malaysian Cub Prix Championship. MMRW motorbike willalso be using X-Cel Power.

The fuel additive X-Cel Power is a mixture of 80 percent palm oil extractand 20 percent mixture of dimethyl heptane, trimethyl benzene, decane,nonane, undecane, dodecane, tridecane, tetradecane, pentadecane andlauric, Pentadecanoic acid, palmitic and oleic acids.

Mohd Satimin said that this product can be used in the engines of shipsapart from automobiles and motorcycles and any other engines that use fuel(petrol or diesel) like generator set or even the fuel generated plant forelectrical generators.

"Based on our research, the product has been proven to reduce emissions,improve engine performance, prevent carbon build-up, keep fuel systemsclean and fuel fresh, and eliminate algae and slime," he said.

From laboratory analysis and dyno-test result, he said that X-Cel Powerhas been found to increase top speed and power as much as 30 kilometre perhour and two to three horsepower.

X-Cel Power will be sold at a retail price of RM17.50 per bottle of 250millilitre while the price for 1.0 litre and 4.0 litre will be at RM53.50and RM190.50, respectively.

At the moment, the product is available at the Elite Jaya's office inSubang Jaya or via its distribution agent, Mus Motor Racing Work Team(MMRW).

Mohd Satimin said that Elite Jaya planned to negotiate with Petronas andProJet as well as the operator of car accessories and car services to makeits product available to consumers. Elite Jaya, established in Januarythis year is a 100 percent wholly-owned Malaysian company. Itsmanufacturing plant is located in Kampar, Perak with production capacityof 60 tonnes of fuel per day.

Mohd Satimin said that as a maiden company, Elite Jaya hoped to capturearound 50 percent share in the local fuel additive market by the end ofthis year.

He said that the company also intends to introduce its fuel additiveproduct in overseas markets, probably by 2006 and onwards.

The company has made an arrangement with Malaysian-German Chamber ofCommerce and Industry to introduce X-Cel Power to German market.

Elite Jaya planned to introduce car care products under X-Cel Power brandby the second half of this year, he said.

It also intends to market X-Cel Power brand merchandise such as apparel,shoes, watches and accessories like caps, wrist bands and scarves orbandannas.