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Mahamad Rodzi Abdul Ghani




Mahamad Rodzi Abdul Ghani





Value of China's retail edible oil market has grow
DUBLIN, Ireland, April 18 -- Research and Markets(http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c15879 ) has announced theaddition of Edible Oils In China to their offering

This report covers the market for edible oils in China includingmargarine, olive oil, vegetable and seed Oil as well as butter. The totalretail market for edible oils has grown by 41.51% since 1997, at anaverage annual growth rate of 5.41%.

China's consumer market for edible oils continues to grow, especially withthe rise in the consumer catering trade. Retail sales remain strong, andthere is increasing demand for a wider variety of products. This has beenhelped by a growing consumer interest in cooking a wider variety of newstyles of cuisine, which is being fuelled by magazines articles and TVcookery programmes.

Manufacturing capacity in China is strong, and continues to be reorganisedto serve the market better, with better distribution and marketing.Government involvement in the running of the edible oils industry is beinggradually removed, replaced by market-led commercial enterprises, such asCOFCO, which are responsible to their shareholders, and thus sustainingtheir profit margin, rather than meeting government quotas.

The rationalisation of the processing industry, along market lines, isleading to better economies of scale in the industry, as larger groupscome to dominate the industry, while non-performing companies are pushedout of the market. Agricultural output of oil-bearing crops also continuesto grow, and there is yet still significant room for an increase in outputof certain oil- bearing crops, especially rapeseed.

However, over capacity in the processing industry means there is a greaterreliance on imports. This is creating difficulties for farmers withinChina, who find it hard to continue to grow oil-bearing crops that areoften more expensive in China than are the imported oil-bearing seeds andbeans. Low- priced imports of certain crops, especially soya beans, areforcing many farmers to switch to growing other crops, further creating agreater reliance on imports by the domestic Chinese processing industry.But, greater future imports of oil-bearing crops, crude oils and processedoils will mean significant new opportunities for foreign companies toenter the market.

Topics covered in the report include:

- China's Edible Oils Retail Market

- Marketing & Distribution

- Sources of Supply

- SWOT Analysis

- Company Profiles

- Contacts

- Relevant Exhibitions & Trade Fairs

Companies Profiled:

- Ajinomoto Company Inc

- Cargill Investments (China) Ltd.

- Chang Guann Co., Ltd.

- China National Cereals, Oils & Foodstuffs Import & Export Corporation(COFCO)

- Shenzhen COFCO Industries Co., Ltd

- Hochu Trading Co. Ltd.

- Top Glory (London) Ltd.

- Euro-China Trading Corp. Gmbh

- San Mark Ltd

- Qingdao Bolan Foods Co. Ltd.

- Nanjing Tianshu Food Ingredients Supermarket Co., Ltd.

- Lam Soon (Hong Kong) Ltd

- Kesoon Chemicals Ltd

- Dalian Nisshin Oil Mills, Ltd

- China Tianxin Industries Inc

- Shanghai Youngsun Foods

- Zhejiang Xinshi Oils Stock Company, Ltd

- Zunhua Qingbao Foodstuff Co., Ltd.

- Shandong Huao Plant Chemical Group Co., Ltd

- Nantong Baogang Oils & Fats Devp. Co., Ltd

For more information visithttp://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c15879

Source: Research and Markets

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