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Mahamad Rodzi Abdul Ghani




Mahamad Rodzi Abdul Ghani





Palm Oil Mill opened in Khamaukkyi, Myanmar
YANGON, 8 April - The inauguration of the Crude Palm Oil Mill that canproduce 30 tons per hour, of Yuzana Co Ltd, was held at the mill inKhamaukkyi, Kawthoung Township, on 6 April morning, attended by Member ofthe State Peace and Development Council General Thura Shwe Mann.

Also present on the occasion were Members of the State Peace andDevelopment Council Lt-Gen Maung Bo, Lt-Gen Thiha Thura Tin Aung Myint Ooand Lt-Gen Tin Aye, ministers, departmental heads, oil palm entrepreneurs,teachers, students and employees of Yuzana Co Ltd. Lt-Gen Maung Bo,Minister for Industry-1 U Aung Thaung and Chairman of Yuzana Co Ltd U HtayMyint cut the ribbon to open the mill.

General Thura Shwe Mann unveiled the plaque of the mill and sprinkledscented water on it. Next, the General and party inspected collection ofoil palm fruits and production process of the mill. They also oversawseparation of oil palm fruits from bunches, tasks of burning the bunchesand milling works.

Afterwards, General Thura Shwe Mann and party looked into sample of crudepalm oil, the power station and boiler station.

After the inauguration ceremony, Chairman of Yuzana Co Ltd U Htay Myintreported that his company has planned to grow 100,000 acres of oil palm inTaninthayi Division. So far, 51,963 acres of land have been put under oilpalm. To meet the target, growing of oil palm will be carried on. He addedhis reports on nurturing of oil palms for this year’s cultivation, use ofheavy machinery, construction of roads in the oil palm farms, strength ofemployees, fulfillment of basic needs of the workers, welfare creation andbuilding of the crude palm oil mill.

After hearing the reports, General Thura Shwe Mann said that as Yuzana CoLtd plans to grow oil palm plantations on 20 per cent of 500,000 acres ofproject area or one-fifth of the project, efforts of Yuzana Co Ltd are tobe recognized.

Today, Yuzana Co Ltd opened the Crude Palm Oil Mill that can produce 30tons of crude palm oil per hour. That is why it should be proud of notonly Yuzana Co Ltd but also other oil palm entrepreneurs. And then, allare to make harmonious efforts for gaining success in the tasks of the oilpalm project.

All-out efforts must be made for achieving success in any tasks. So also,arrangements should be made for implementation of the oil palm projectwith perseverance and perfect management, and it should be taken adviceand suggestions from experienced persons. Furthermore, necessaryassistance should be provided to employees of respective projects so as towin their trust, honesty, hardwork and loyalty.

Next, the General inspected crude palm oil, fruits of oil palm, bean andbio-composer and pesticide displayed at the hall of the company and scalemodel of the mill.

Crude Palm Oil Mill opened today can produce 30 tons of crude palm oil perhour. If machinery will be installed at the mill, it can double itsproduction. The plan is under way to produce crude palm oil at the millwith full capacity beginning May 2005.

Thanks to establishment of the mill, not only Yuzana Co Ltd but also otheroil palm entrepreneurs on a small scale have opportunities to send oilpalm bunches from their farms to the mill on time.

Likewise, other oil palm companies plan to establish crude palm oil mills.

Afterwards, the General and party proceeded to the local battalion inKhamaukkyi and met with Tatmadawmen, family members and departmentalpersonnel of the town. Executive Officer U Kan Htoo of Khamaukkyi TownGeneral Administration Department reported on area of the town, number ofhouseholds and population, agriculture and livestock breeding tasks,functions of departments concerned and Lt-Col Sonny Ohn of the localbattalion on prospects for growing of rubber and oil palm in the regionand carrying out of agriculture and livestock breeding on a manageablescale in the battalion. Minister for Agriculture and Irrigation Maj-GenHtay Oo added reports of agricultural tasks.

After hearing the reports, General Thura Shwe Mann fulfilled theirrequirements.