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Mahamad Rodzi Abdul Ghani




Mahamad Rodzi Abdul Ghani





Two hijack suspects nabbed
BANTING, Mar 30: - Police nabbed two men hours after they had hijacked apalm oil tanker here this morning - thanks to a civic-minded motorist.The passing motorist had witnessed the hijacking and alerted the police.

The tanker had earlier loaded a consignment of oil at a plantation and washeading towards Klang when it was waylaid at the 16th mile, Jalan Klang -Banting, about 9.30pm.

Four men in a Proton Wira forced the tanker to a halt near Seri Cheedingby blocking its path.

Two men, each armed with a parang, then alighted from the car and jumpedonto the tanker.

Pointing a parang to the driver's neck, they tied him with a piece ofrope, forced him to lie down in the driver's cabin and took over thewheel.

Having been alerted by the motorist, police patrol cars in the districtwere already on the lookout for the tanker.

About 10am, it was spotted with the Wira in front of it. Both were headingtowards Klang and the police gave chase.

However, in their haste the hijackers lost control of the lorry whenapproaching the Pulau Carey roundabout, near Telok Panglima Garang. Thevehicle skidded and ended up in a drain.

The Wira sped off, while the two men in the lorry ran towards an oil palmplantation.

Police found the driver in the lorry, still tied up and groaning in pain.He was injured in the mouth and head, from the crash.

District police chief Superintendent Shah Gzali Khan said police combedthe area and managed to arrest two suspects found in some bushes about11.30am.

He said the suspects were in their early 30s.