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Mahamad Rodzi Abdul Ghani




Mahamad Rodzi Abdul Ghani





Indonesian CPO Exports To India May Increase In Ne
MEDAN, Feb 8 Asia Pulse - Indonesia's exports of crude palm oil (CPO) andits derivative crude olein to India may increase in the next few monthsfollowing a decision of the Indian government to lower the beta karotenecontent of crude palm oil.

Chairman of the Joint Indonesian Crude Palm Oil Businessmen's Association(GAPKI) Derom Bangun told Antara here on Monday that the Indian regulationon the beta karotene content of CPO and Crude Olein in the past wasresponsible for Indonesia's declining CPO exports to that country, whichhad also caused worry on the part of Indonesian CPO producers andexporters, as Indonesia's CPO has a much lower beta karotene content thanthat required by India.In the January-August 2004 period, Indonesia's CPO exports to Indiareached 1.096 million tons, in addition to 0.619 million tons of crudeolein.

In 2003, the CPO exports reached 1,403 million tons, in addition to 0.871million tons of crude olein, while in 2002 the CPO exports reached 1,046million tons, and crude olein 0,720 tons.

According to him, the Indian decision to lower the beta karotene contentin CPO was favourable to Indonesia's CPO. The Indian decision was madeafter an delegation of five experts of that country visited some CPOproducing centres and ports in Indonesia, like Belawan (North Sumatra) andDuman (Riau).

With the new Indian government regulation on lower beta karotene contentin CPO, it is expected that Indonesian CPO exports to that country willincrease again.