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Mahamad Rodzi Abdul Ghani




Mahamad Rodzi Abdul Ghani





Danisco launches vegetable oil-based plasticiser
1/20/2005 - Danisco has received authorisation to use and sell its new,vegetable oil-based plasticiser GRINDSTED SOFT-N-SAFE in the EU. Theauthorisation is a breakthrough within plasticisers where consumers havelong called for an alternative to, for instance, phthalates. The producthas been included in the EU's positive list for the so called superdirective and is a safe solution for use with no quantitative restrictionsin food contact materials.

"One of the most positive benefits of GRINDSTED SOFT-N-SAFE is that itshows no signs of hormone-disrupting effects. Therefore, we can now offeran alternative to the plasticisers that have caused the most concern - andour product is suited for all areas of application currently in demand. Wesee a huge potential in our plasticiser," says Torben Svejgard, COO,Danisco.

GRINDSTED SOFT-N-SAFE builds on known food technology. Its main ingredientis a vegetable oil already used in foods such as margarine and chocolate.The plasticiser has been approved for food contact materials and willexpectedly be used in toys and medical equipment at a later stage. USapproval is expected at the beginning of 2005 with several other markets -e.g. Japan - envisaged to follow suit.

Potential new customers in the plastics industry have tested the productand confirm that GRINDSTED SOFT-N-SAFE can be used without changes totheir existing production equipment. Danisco expects sales of GRINDSTEDSOFT-N-SAFE to run into hundreds of millions after market penetration.

For further information, please contact:Torben Svejgard, COO, Danisco, tel.: +45 32 66 20 04Media Relations, tel.: +45 32 66 29 13