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 FGV improves mill operations via POMIS

The Malaysian Reserve (19/04/2021) - FGV Holdings Bhd, through its subsidiary and technology arm, FGV Prodata Systems Sdn Bhd, has modernised traditional industrial practices through the implementation of palm oil mill integrated system (POMIS).

POMIS offers a total solution to monitor palm oil mills including plants, factories and refineries in an integrated automated system.

FGV’s group divisional director of plantation sector Syed Mahdhar Syed Hussain (picture) said the urgency to expedite Malaysia’s Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4.0) journey is vital in increasing FGV’s overall performance and productivity.

“In line with the development of IR4.0, technological integration is much needed in the palm oil industry which is traditionally known to be more labour intensive in its operations.

“Through POMIS, FGV’s mills are able to achieve their rated capacity consistently and systematically, with improved day-to-day operations. This contributes to more sustainable practice,” he said in a statement yesterday.

To date, 66 out of 67 FGV mills are using POMIS to enhance their performances as it utilises modern smart technology and sensors for increased automation and improved communication.

This is to achieve better plant supervision such as operational control and monitoring systems.

FGV said POMIS enables better decision- making for managers through operational data analysis, which is generated daily.

Additionally, it ensures a safer working environment as the system is equipped with safety features that help reduce work-related accidents.

It also helps reduce the dependency on human labour on mill operations by 5% which has proven to be beneficial during the pandemic, where mill operations are continuously in automatic mode and minimum workers are required to operate.

The system reduces fuel fibre consumption by 15% for boilers, contributing to lesser emissions.

“Before the implementation of POMIS, mill processes such as sterilisation, steam boiler controls, motors and steam temperature were manually monitored on-site by operators.

“With POMIS, the said processes can be done by monitoring the screen via real-time feed. The automation replaces the traditional manual checking by operators, thus greatly reducing the possibility of human errors,” Syed Mahdhar said.

POMIS features a central motor control system which detects the motor status such as run, stop, trip and overload from the linked mill’s equipment and machinery.

FGV Prodata designs, builds and installs the systems that work most efficiently within FGV’s mill environment.

Read more at https://themalaysianreserve.com/2021/04/19/fgv-improves-mill-operations-via-pomis/

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