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 Brent oil may fall to $63.84

Business Recorder (22/04/2021) - SINGAPORE: Brent oil may fall to $63.84, as it has cleared a support at $65.46 per barrel.

The contract is riding on a wave C, which is expected to travel to $61.21. A realistic target will be either $63.84 or $62.53.

Besides the projection levels, oil observes closely a set of retracements on the uptrend from $60.27 to $68.08 as well.

A decent bounce may occur around the support at $63.84, which is strengthened by a zone of $63.25-$64.18.

A break above $65.46, now a resistance, could lead to a gain to $66.46. On the daily chart, oil is falling towards a channel line around $62.91.

Chances are it may break $62.91 and fall more, as wave pattern indicates the development of a wave c which may travel into $57.67-$60.29 range.

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Read more at https://www.brecorder.com/news/40086745/brent-oil-may-fall-to-6384

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